25 October 2021, Monday, 21:58
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Lukashenka’s Entourage Whispers: “Are We Finished?”

Lukashenka’s Entourage Whispers: “Are We Finished?”

The dictator does not have to return from Sochi.

Yesterday Putin, having risen from the bunker, convened the Security Council and designated the topic "Belarus." This, by the way, is the first time the question of Belarus appears so lightning fast and unexpectedly without the direct participation of Lukashenka - before that, such a case was only in St. Petersburg, but then Cockroach himself became a key figure, writes the CYNIC telegram channel.

This time, the meeting took place without him, and he flew to Sochi without any press coverage. This was reported in passing, calling the flight a "private visit," but then the "private visit" was combined with Formula 1.

Peskov hastily declared that Putin will not appear in Formula 1, and hasty visits without prior PR against the background of the meeting of the "main breadwinner" is such a dark theory that there is no point in discussing it.

There is complete confusion in Minsk - no one has reported anything. The state-run mass media keep silent - they are afraid to be set up, and some information must be given on the air, but there is no information at all. That is why everything has turned into a bad cold aspic...

This is followed by information that Anatoly Lappo, who has been holding the post of chairman of the border committee since 2016, also flew to Lukashenka in Sochi.

As soon as the first clues emerged about NATO and the UAE, which tacitly announced that there might be questions to the money, a slight panic began.

Telegram channels gave out quite interesting and extremely truthful information:

The American authorities intend to get the UAE to arrest the accounts of the Lukashenka family. The Belarusian opposition has already submitted materials to the Congress and the White House that "about 15 billion dollars are stored in the banks of this country. The funds were obtained through corruption through the sale of weapons, oil, potash fertilizers, and cigarettes."

At the same time, according to the source, the collection of materials on the Lukashenka family was carried out by the European special services, which organized a leak to the Helsinki Commission for blackmail against the Belarusian authorities and their Arab partners.

For someone, not only a visor got sweaty from such insinuations.

There is no news from Minsk, but there are plenty of versions from Moscow, but everyone has his own.

Lappo is "knowledgeable" in the case of migrants. On the other hand, the case of the migrants is inextricably linked to the case of the smuggling, including of drugs, and the activity in the direction of Maduro and Afghanistan has begun quite actively.

"Spies" and "NATO tracks" are perfectly woven into the current agenda of the Russian Federation, so Lukashenka, at any bargaining, will start selling to Russia the threat of "American invasion," to whom all the damn spies will personally lay the rails.

And now look how inconveniently the cards are for the Russian Federation - the corpses of migrants on the border of Belarus contribute to strengthening control over the border, which means that the borders will gradually be covered by troops, and the "two elders" have some special fetish for "rings of enemies" - "the evil one" will again see "jeeps."

So far, there are no normal confirmations, not conjectures from the "other side," but it becomes clear that Luka will be "on the carpet" and will be responsible for the inconveniences for the Russian Federation.

P.S. Lukashenka doesn't have to come back. In Minsk, they whisper: "Are we finished?"