29 October 2021, Friday, 0:34
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It’s Time For Propagandists To Stop Drinking, Tell What Happened In Sochi

It’s Time For Propagandists To Stop Drinking, Tell What Happened In Sochi

Even those most loyal to the regime are beginning to fear that things are not going according to the plan.

Lukashenka's trip to Sochi turned into a continuation of “Stranger Things” show. And the question is not only in the weather, which turned the shower into a flood, and then into a storm, but in the very essence of the “Sochi cabaret”. In parallel with this, a robbery with shooting took place in Sochi - all signs indicated that a character from the American Horror Story had sneaked into Sochi, writes the CYNIC Telegram channel.

The official media remain mysteriously silent, not talking about the trip. Nobody even found Lukashenka's footage on a kayak, although it was possible to supplement the role of a fighter with the elements with a minute video about how Lukashenka with a broken oar cuts a water stream ...

At the same time, someone really got scared that the addresses of the “informers” were posted on the network. They were frightened for a reason - no one will attack them, but the feeling of personal safety and confidentiality has been lost. They called the security officials only because they were sure of their own safety after this call, but now this feeling went away, and its place is taken by the realization that now everyone in the house knows that they have a real accomplice of the invaders as a neighbor. This greatly changes the attitude in the society - after all, they were hiding their “heroic deed”, and now their photograph with the “traitor” sign hangs right on the front door.

The authorities need to justify such psychological pressure, but they cannot justify it - even financially it is impossible to compensate. There are no bonuses, no money in the budget - all that remains is to cough up patriotic saliva, but after them even the most ardent patriot will ask for a napkin.

Next time no one will call the hotline. And no one will tear the flags enthusiastically - a guy took away the national symbol and took a picture with it- he got arrested. The “beauties” are already firing at their own people - it always pleases. There are very few “Yabatkas” - several more such fatal mistakes, and all “Yabatkas” will end up in jail.

They got frightened yesterday also of a rather unexpected drone attack. The Pen Trial was a success, demonstrating the power of the security system. But, again, the action ended with an act of intimidation.

“Fear is the most ancient and strongest human feeling”, we will quote a well-known phrase.

It's time for the guys from the state media to stop drinking - they need to pull themselves together and tell what happened in Sochi. Those most loyal to the regime begin to fear that things are not going according to the plan. They claim that the bosses are trying to convince everyone that the meeting was deliberately made secret, but they sense fake and fear in the voices of the “elite”.

Let's continue the quote: “The fear of the unknown is the strongest fear.”