15 October 2021, Friday, 23:22
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Regime Opens Door For Full-Scale Migration Crisis Inside Country

Regime Opens Door For Full-Scale Migration Crisis Inside Country

The illegal immigrants are becoming a problem for the Belarusian authorities.

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As you and I have never doubted, migrants are slowly becoming a problem for the Belarusian authorities, writes the Letters To My Daughter telegram channel. Here's just a classic example that harm set, harm get. This is because the perfect plan was, of course, to create problems for the neighbors. And in order to create these problems, the Belarusan authorities were ready to sacrifice all the foreign policy which was still remaining. And by that time, there was not much of it left anyway, so it seemed that there was nothing to be sorry for.

However, the authorities, who started all this asymmetric response to the sanctions, were confident that inside the country the control over the alternatively legal tourist flows would not get lost. And that they could turn them off at any time if they wanted to. Surely, it was so, until the flows reached a certain critical size. And after it happened, it turned out that the feeling of complete control was a dangerous illusion.

Just yesterday Belarusian TV said that the EU had sent 8,500 migrants to Belarus. And according to the data of the German authorities there are at least 10,000 migrants on the territory of Belarus, who are still getting ready to move to the EU. In other words, the number of conditionally legal migrants, who migrate with the permission of the Belarusian authorities, and the number of migrants with expired legal status now turns out to be approximately equal.

And, obviously, not all returnees come onto the radar of Belarusian authorities. And for sure, many of them, after their unsuccessful attempt to relocate to the European Union, are in no hurry to leave the Belarusian land. I don't know why. Maybe they are impressed by Belarusian hospitality. Or maybe they want to be closer to the borders of the European Union and try to repeat the relocation procedure if they have an opportunity.

And judging by the reports from the border regions, lately the Belarusian beauties have had to search for migrants in the woods and rented apartments. Apparently, this is not as easy as catching spies in factories. Because they catch spies where it's easier to find them. And you try to find migrants who don't want to be found.

So, it turns out that now that if the authorities suddenly want to turn off the migration flows for any reason, they will not be able to do it just by pressing the right button. Because the more migrants there are in the country, the less possibilities the Belarusian authorities have to control them.

In general, the excellent plan to force the European Union to a dialogue has firstly brought the international status of the Belarusian authorities to a new level, and now it creates all the prerequisites for a full-fledged migration crisis inside the country. But apparently, this is not a reason for the Belarusian authorities to abandon their plans. It is just that, we have to assume, the treatment of the infringed geopolitical greatness requires radical methods.