16 October 2021, Saturday, 7:00
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Opinion: Special Operations May Be Launched Against Lukashenka Higher Than Level Of Sanctions

Opinion: Special Operations May Be Launched Against Lukashenka Higher Than Level Of Sanctions

A good sign for the end of the career of the most odious dictator.

The psychological state of the main patient makes his isolation not desirable, but obligatory. For some reason, the press service stubbornly quotes a person who speaks out through a word and gives up all plans with giblets, including secret clauses of agreements with the Russian administration, which could become public only as a result of a “leak” from the closest circle to Putin, writes the CYNIC Telegram channel.

For example, Lukashenka said that military bases are being created under the guise of training centers. This expression sounded in the context of Ukraine, but we have been hearing about “American caterpillars” in Ukraine since 2014, but this is the first time I hear such a phrase from the lips of “diplomacy”.

With such an awkward phrase, put on the air, Lukashenka gave up the entire “shadow scheme” of the Russian military bases. It is possible that the “military bases” have not yet been officially discussed for publication in the press, but now we know for sure what kind of “exercises” took place on the territory of Belarus. If Russia wants to fight informers and “leaks” of information, then it should start with Lukashenka, who confirmed the rumors, which, due to the secrecy of the curators, no one could officially confirm.

Before that, there was a thesis that, under the guise of fugitive migrants, Europe is throwing ISIS fighters into Belarus.

It sounds a little wild, but I want to throw a couple of logs.

You shouldn't play with the Islamic world, no matter how much you want to intimidate Europe - the “Muslim lobby” that Lukashenka was allowed into the country can really turn out to be vindictive. But it is not Europe that torpedoes the Islamists, but Lukashenka himself, who brings migrants into the country by air.

At the same time, the “men from Iraq” have not yet realised that their children were poisoned with methadone in order to cause an emergency situation with deaths at the border. This literal plan to “fill up the country with children's corpses” is a real act, for which someone will have to answer, and perhaps not only before the law. Once migrants are informed that children are being used as pawns for political ends, migrants can turn around.

Trying to provoke a military conflict on the border with Poland, throwing firecrackers, dummies of explosive devices, turning the border into a burial ground and a cemetery, Luka leaves no options for “stepping aside”. And the more such provocations are revealed, the faster the collective West will move to real special operations and higher the level of sanctions.

On the occasion of the “Berlin troika”, the parties are still silent. Although the fear can be traced. Europe's main country is now very hostile towards Lukashenka. This is a good banner for a bad end to the career of the most notorious dictator.