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What Is Currently Known about the Programmer Who Shot the KGB Officer

What Is Currently Known about the Programmer Who Shot the KGB Officer
Andrei Zeltser

At the time of the tragedy, Andrei Zeltser's son was not at home.

Almost immediately after the announcement of the incident in Minsk in an apartment on Yakubouskaha Street, information about the shooter appeared - his name is Andrei Zeltser, he was an IT specialist from Minsk and worked at EPAM.

Later, employees of the company and friends of the man confirmed to zerkalo.io: they recognized Andrei in the video of the shooting.

- He has a memorable appearance, - explains Andrei's friend, who recognized him in the video.

The footage, he says, is the apartment where Andrei lived with his wife and son. The boy is supposed to be 9-10 years old. According to neighbors, the child was not at home at the time of the tragedy. He went to school.

It is known that Andrei is 31 years old. Judging by the data from VKontakte, he received a diploma from the Minsk College of Business and Law in 2008. A page with his photo and name was found on Facebook. There is almost no information about the person, you can only notice that there are many people with technical education and working in IT among his friends. But there is only a page dedicated to fencing among the user's subscriptions.

- Andrei is a candidate for master of sports in foil, but now he trains on a saber. He trains at an amateur club. That's where we met a year ago, - says Andrei's friend. - He trains three times a week, and he does not miss practice. Yesterday he was also in class from 20 to 22. I stopped by the club, and we briefly talked. He was in a good mood and, as always, positive.

Collage: Pictures by Andrei Zeltser from His Instagram @Andrewzeltser

On Instagram, the Minsker actively shared pictures from his workouts. “Not getting out of the bullet at the competition - done. Everything happens for the first time,” he wrote four days ago on social networks. (In fencing, a group of participants in a competition is usually called a "bullet." - ed.).

Judging by the marks on the photographs, they were taken at the Stajki Olympic Training Center near Minsk. Note that, last week, the Republican tournament of the strongest in fencing was held there, and 180 people participated. In addition, in September, the young man shared his photos from the bike marathon and the trail race “Kaspersky Race Kupalle,” where he won several medals.

- He constantly went to some sports tournaments, - the friend continues to tell and says that Andrei is a very sociable person. - A week and a half ago, we walked through the park. Usually, if he had any problems, he talked about them, but there was nothing suspicious about him. He did not say that the police or the KGB had any questions for him. He behaved absolutely calmly.

Collage: Pictures by Andrei Zeltser from His Instagram @Andrewzeltser

The Investigative Committee reported that Andrei Zeltser's wife was detained last night.

"His 40-year-old wife, who also filmed the crime and assisted in its commission, was detained on suspicion of complicity in the murder of a KGB officer," the department added.