24 January 2022, Monday, 0:17
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Slava Komissarenko: KGB Is Looking For Me

Slava Komissarenko: KGB Is Looking For Me

The stand-up comedian said that they want to abduct him from Moscow.

Famous Belarusian stand-up comedian Slava Komissarenko, who supported the protests in 2020, said that the KGB was looking for him.

According to the comedian, he was warned that the KGB could abduct him from Russia, and then take to Belarus. Now he is on tour in Ukraine. Slava Komissarenko said that he already has a Russian passport, but the Belarusian special services may not know about it.

In a post on his Instagram, the stand-up comedian wrote that he left Russia for a reason:

- The KGB guys apparently got tired of walking in search of me along the Arbat, and decided to call me. They called, wrote text messages, but failed to check my instagram to see 10 posters from Kyiv and realize that I was not in Moscow. It took me some time to write jokes about these events, otherwise I would have told everything a little earlier. I believe that everything will be fine, as I always believed before.