19 May 2022, Thursday, 21:12
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Bomb for Lukashenka

Bomb for Lukashenka
Andrei Suzdaltsev

The Kazakhstan events have triggered a domino effect?

Russian political analyst Andrei Suzdaltsev believes the situation in Kazakhstan has clearly shown Lukashenka what the future holds for him. He says this in his article for politoboz.com:

- Apart from the question of receiving support from Russia, there is a political "bomb" in the Kazakhstan crisis that will explode sooner or later in Belarus. The unrest in Kazakhstan has proven that the era of post-soviet authoritarian regimes of the first generation led by "fathers of nations" is over. "Fathers", "Bashies" and others are remaining at places for too long. Lukashenka was not just the initiator of the deployment of CSTO troops (primarily Russian troops), but he called to save his "colleague" for a lifetime presidency.

It is clear that Lukashenko has never felt any great affection for Nazarbayev, but like any dictator, the Belarusian leader is afraid of the "domino theory".

On the other hand, Lukashenka, having creatively developed and deepened Kazakhstan's "experience" of extending his powers, was interested in the success of Kazakhstan's version of the pseudotransit of power. Lukashenka now, after Nazarbayev's withdrawal from the political arena and the removal of members of his clan from power, had a clear opportunity to visualize his perspective as head of the presidium of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly.

Anyway, Minsk was counting on Nazarbayev to remain in power. Hence the strange and unconfirmed information about the phone talk between Lukashenka and Nazarbayev (January 7, 2022). Moreover, it's still not clear who made the first call and whether one called at all.

Nazarbayev is dead. For a long time, they say he died before the new year 2022. If so, who did Lukashenka talk to? With the grave? Lukashenka has contact with the other world. Anyway, if the information spread by Zhirinovsky is confirmed, the scandal with a phone call to Hell is inevitable.