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Ways In Which Lukashenka's Mosaic Psychopathy Manifested

Ways In Which Lukashenka's Mosaic Psychopathy Manifested

Secrets of the dictator's medical records.

One of the most interesting facts about the biography of Aliaksandr Lukashenka is when the future dictator first came to the attention of psychiatrists.

In 1977 after graduating from the pedagogical college, Lukashenka, having appeared at the reception of the first secretary of regional party committee Leonau, demanded to be appointed head of a collective farm. He did not shout anti-Soviet slogans, was for the CPSU, for the Soviet Union, but wanted to become chairman of the collective farm. Lukashenka could not calm down and Leonau had to call the guards and send Lukashenka to a psychiatrist. That is when he was diagnosed with mosaic psychopathy.

In 1978 the director of the Mahiliou regional food service, where Lukashenka worked as the secretary of Komsomol, sent him for psychiatric examination again because of his inadequate behavior.

And in 1982 Lukashenka was discharged from the army with the same diagnosis "mosaic psychopathy".

In 2001, after a series of murders of Lukashenka's political opponents, Minsk psychiatrist Dzmitry Shchyhelski published "Lukashenka's Medical History". After which a criminal case followed and Shchyhelski was forced to flee the country.

Briefly about the diagnosis and symptoms:

- The presence of obsessions, a tendency to explain events in the world on the basis of "conspiratorial" intentions without sufficient grounds, suspiciousness.

- A tendency to manipulate people.

- Exaggerated level of self-esteem.

- Lack of empathy, indifference to the feelings of others.

- Lack of close friends and close, trusting relationships.

- Sadistic tendencies and tendency towards cruelty, an inability to empathise.

- Studies have shown that the diagnosis is present in 15% of people from the criminal caste. As with the development of mosaic psychopathy there is a tendency towards cruelty and violence, and a lack of empathy.

- Psychopathy can be a competitive advantage in the struggle for power. If nothing holds a person back, he has no pity for anyone in order to go to the top by any means, if a person does not trust anyone, and is ready to suspect anyone to hold on to power - it is an advantage because he cuts off all competitors even before they become competitors.

A quote from an interview with psychiatrist Dzmitry Shchyhelski on August 18 :

"People tend to think that all dictators are the same. But they aren't. Lukashenka is not exactly the same as, for example, Yanukovich. He will go all the way. Power, its attributes are the most important thing in Lukashenka's life. He is ready to fight, he has a paranoid picture of the world. He believes he is fighting aggression - all sorts of incomprehensible telegram channels, which, with the help of the latest technology, influence the subconsciousness of the people and make them puppets, while he is such a hero who must protect Belarus. I never thought I would appeal to the officers of the State Security Committee, Lukashenko's security service, but I would like them to remember that they swore an oath to the Belarusian people, not to Aliaksandr Lukashenka. And to keep him from setting the country on fire and drenching it in blood by all means. The situation, in my opinion, is extremely dangerous in Belarus".

Several quotes from Lukashenka himself in a recent interview with Simonyan confirm the diagnosis of mosaic psychopathy:

"I was somewhat heated. When the protesters rushed to the Palace of Independence, I decided to see what was going on. I got in the helicopter and the American bastards, they can see everything from space, they reported that the helicopter was up".

"The little bourgeois got together in a bunch, they got warmed up, and they got out. There are no profound reasons for a revolution in Belarus. But we have got new IT people, whom I have created with my hands and they want power. That's the depth of this conflict."

"These campaigns are run by telegram channels. I warned my big brother, Putin, that this cannot be countered. We didn't expect that through the internet, the telegram channels would get so deep into people's brains, into people's heads. So, you Russians, don't relax: elections are about to take place in your country, too.