24 May 2022, Tuesday, 8:11
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"Our Deferred Victory Is Their Delayed Defeat"

"Our Deferred Victory Is Their Delayed Defeat"

Mikalai Statkevich is fully convinced of the inevitability of change in Belarus.

Maryna Adamovich has managed to meet with her husband, leader of the Belarusian opposition Mikalai Statkevich, who is imprisoned.

In an interview with Charter97.org, she described the details of the meeting:

- I think you have no doubt that Mikalai is holding up superbly. Even in these conditions he lives according to his own schedule. Mikalai has set himself quite a strict regime and rules. Twice a day he does, let's say, physical training, sports exercises of some kind. He reads a lot, and never refuses to go for walks.

He is surprisingly well informed. Although now, you know, there is practically no independent press left. He gets information from minimally available sources.

They have no television there, only these state newspapers. Mikalai laughs that he has developed a personal vocabulary there, where for example "foreign interference" or "puppeteers from abroad" or "terrorists" means dissatisfied people. Democracy means something opposite there and so on. I can't recall everything now, but he interprets, let's say, the standard clichés of the Belarusian newspapers quite humorously. With the minimum of information that he possesses he draws, as it seems to me, very accurate conclusions about the situation in the world and in Belarus.

At least as regards the transit in Kazakhstan. I do remember well our old conversations back in 19 or when the transit was taking place, Mikalai said at once that it is the most unstable of all possible constructions. He knows that the Russian army has been invited there, so to say, he calls this situation unprecedented against the backdrop of absolutely ordinary elections. He said that it is a unique situation when the leadership of the state invites someone else's army.

- You must have discussed with him the latest developments in the country and the world. Could you tell us about his vision of the situation in Belarus?

- He said that an infinite number of mistakes had been made. There was no leader who had the will to lead the protest. But the most important thing, absolutely necessary one, had been done. A complete delegitimisation of the regime had taken place. Today people have seen what is going on, what conditions they are living in. And the Belarusians will not change their attitude and their viewpoint.

All this will not last long. And certainly, not for long, it does not mean that it will happen tomorrow. We understand that it may unfortunately take years to come. But in the long run changes are inevitable. And the only and most important thing that we should strive for in case of this changes, is fair elections. Only fair elections can help the country get some sort of new path.

- Mikalai has been writing very profound articles lately about the meaning of life, about the importance of deeds. Is it some kind of personal experience, or does he want to tell us something through his notes?

- I think it's pretty obvious. No doubt, all his articles come from his personal convictions, perceptions of the situation and what in his opinion affects the possibility of preserving and developing the nation and the state. I think this is for us. Of course it is for us. Preserving what we have gained is only possible through the deed and attitude of society towards certain moral choices. That is how I would say it.

- Today, when Belarusians especially need support, what words could you use to encourage those people who are still struggling?

- You know, I like what he said not now but a little earlier. He, once again, is absolutely convinced that change is inevitable. And he said about this situation: "our delayed victory is their delayed defeat".