9 December 2022, Friday, 2:04
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Media: Russians Announce Evacuation From Lysychansk

Media: Russians Announce Evacuation From Lysychansk

They are not taking collaborators with them.

Not only Ukrainians believe in the rapid advance of the AFU, but also Russian occupiers. That is why they decided to announce the evacuation of Lysychansk.

However, the occupiers are not evacuating everyone. Only those who have been previously put on the list. This information was reported to theChannel 24 journalists by sources in the security services.

There are no local collaborators on the list. Not only are they not taken to Russia, they are not even allowed out of the town. Therefore, the traitors are left to wait for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian justice.

Note that the occupants are fleeing Lysychansk, because the Ukrainian Armed Forces are already very close to the town. The settlement may soon become Ukrainian again.