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'What Will Happen To The Head In Such A Helmet?'

'What Will Happen To The Head In Such A Helmet?'

A Belarusian volunteer commented on the equipment and training of the Russian 'mobilized'.

The 'mobilized' may have to pay personally for the right to get into the Ukrainian trenches. The 'second army of the world' faces problems with its equipment.

Since the announcement of 'partial mobilization', videos have been circulating on the Internet of the recruits receiving rusty rifles or advised during the briefing to buy all the military equipment. Journalists from Brestskaya Hazeta asked Andrei Kushnerau, a former soldier of the Kalinouski Regiment, to comment on several videos and to predict the fate of Russian soldiers at the frontline, taking into account the level of negligence.

According to Andrei Kushnerau, all these cases indicate that the Russian state has little value for human life.


Beware! Obscene language!

In the video, the mobilized examine the rifles that they received.

"You can shoot from such a rifle, but it will misfire.

Cleaning this rifle is a real hell. There are two ways to dismantle the Kalashnikov assault rifle: completely and partially. Even a monkey can do it partially. But even partial dismantling can be a problem in the case of such a rusty rifle. Complete dismantling includes the disassembly of the trigger mechanism. There are springs there, which, firstly, you simply cannot bend with your hands, and secondly, the rusted parts must be torn out very well.

This is done with the help of a pencil case - this is such a thing that is embedded in the butt. The pencil case is a cleaning kit. Fighters often lose it. And they often give out rifles without pencil cases at all. Clean as you like. Make something up, borrow it, steal it, buy it on the black market.

It is almost impossible to make a complete analysis of an assault rifle for people who do not know how to use YouTube sanely without an instructor. You can dismantle it, but then you still need to assemble it back. Some springs in the trigger may get lost.

I can't imagine how mobilized are going to do it without an instructor. Are there instructors who can do this?

An assault rifle is a personal defence weapon. It does not create fire density. Machine guns create it. But an assault rifle changes the worldview of a person. It's one thing when you're sitting in a trench and you realize that your rifle won't fire, and it's another thing when you have a weapon that gives you hope that if something happens, you can do something. The worst thing about war is not being able to do anything.

This affects the level of motivation of the fighters.

One woman instructor on the video advises the mobilized to put hygienic tampons into first-aid kits, which, allegedly, in case of a bullet wound, can be inserted into the wound to stop the blood."

"Chechen war veteran, damn!

I've even seen a printed recommendation for the mobilized on how to make a first aid kit - and there are hygienic tampons!

There is such a procedure - tamponade when a large amount of gauze is introduced into the wound to create pressure. This is not done in order not to stain the uniform with blood. A bandage is applied on top. If this is a limb and everything is completely sad, then above the wound it is pinched with a tourniquet or tourniquet in civilized countries.

First, the tampon does not create any pressure. Anyone who has seen a bullet wound knows that this is a rather deep wound. It needs a pack of tampons. Secondly, it expands the channel by absorbing blood. You don't do better, you do worse. Also, there is a lot of blood in the wound. All this will stay in it, most likely, for a long time. The Russian army, as they say, delivers to the place of assistance in 10-15 hours. People often die during this time. The blood will dry up. It will be possible to pull out this tampon only with meat, there will be pieces left. The remaining pieces of tampons will rot.

If someone survives and returns, they will twist this woman's head off.”

A guy from a tank regiment says that they are sent to the war zone without training.

"What should be understood: not all of these 'chmobiks' [rude about partially mobilized Russians - Ed.] are straight-out alcoholics. There are people who completed military service two or three years ago, for example, in tank troops.

You can not put a minibus taxi driver in an armor. A person must know what a tank is and have at least some experience in driving it.

However, there are three issues. They can take a person who has never operated a tank, or who operated but 15 years ago and remembers little, or operated little.

Even if a person served recently, then there are different models of tanks. The crew must be trained. These are different people who are locked in one box and must act as a single organism. No one has a personal tank. A crew includes a crew commander, a shooter, etc.

In addition, everyone is hysterical in a combat situation. Everyone has probably seen this video where the tank runs away and crashes into a tree. I have seen such cases from our side too: a person encounters shelling and starts to run. This is the dumbest thing you can do.

When you find yourself in a tank with an untrained team under fire, you do not know what to do, you have not worked on it enough. The soldier is initially saved by intense training and clear orders. And what if a tank commander is inexperienced, and does not know what to order? And the soldier does not know how to carry out the order due to a lack of training. They can't even crash into a tree."

It is reported that, among other things, people with vertebral hernia are subject to mobilization.

"Bulletproof vest weighs up to 15 kg. It is clear that even a person with a broken spine can put on a bulletproof vest. Only once and not for long. In addition to a bulletproof vest, you need to periodically wear an assault backpack, this is an additional ammunition load. In total, this is 25-30 kg of equipment weight. For a long time. A week or two carries - then to the hospital. He needs to be evacuated somehow. Here he is in a trench in a combat situation - and he feels bad. A car must come. Comrades must drag him to this car. Otherwise he will die."

The 'second army of the world' has helmets of 'especially high protection class'.

"When you are watching a video of fragments hitting something, it doesn’t look as impressive as when you pass, for example, a tree cut in half by a fragment. You can't help but imagine yourself in the place of this tree: the tree is about the same thickness as my legs.

Armour protection is the most valuable thing. If it's like this, what will happen to your head if a fragment hits? Especially after a bullet hit.

Almost all the fighters of our battalion were injured to a greater or lesser degree. At least a slight contusion or scratches. If the equipment is bad, a light wound can become a medium one. It is not clear whether the person will be saved or not.

If a bullet hits the head in such a 'tin', there will be a small hole in the 'tin' and half of the head will be missing.”

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