21 March 2023, Tuesday, 18:06
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Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Lukashenka Is A Mental House Patient

Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Lukashenka Is A Mental House Patient

The ex-prime minister of Ukraine is amazed that before the war the dictator was a popular politician in Ukrainian society.

This opinion was expressed by Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2014-2016, leader of the Popular Front party Arseniy Yatsenyuk in an interview with the founder of the Gordon online publication Dmitry Gordon.

— It is important to understand that some incomprehensible processes are taking place in Belarus. A few hours ago it became known about the death of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Uladzimir Makei. The man was 64 years old, yesterday he calmly went about his business. He was one of the key figures in the entourage of the so-called President Lukashenka. For some time he was the head of the presidential administration of Belarus, for many years he was the head of the Foreign Ministry. They say that this is a rather atypical death... Don't you think that in the near future the same mysterious death of Lukashenka is possible at the hands of the Russians, since he has long been a pain in the neck for them, and they can blame it on the Ukrainians?

— Anything is possible with these insane dictators. Here I am looking at this Lukashenka, I came across some video today — well, this is a mental house patient, an idiot. And, you know, I was always surprised and amazed that before the war, Lukashenka was a foreign leader whom Ukrainians loved the most. I didn't understand it. Well, how? A murderer of his own people, a murderer of political opponents, a conspirator along with Putin — well, a rogue.

— Have you met with him?

— Of course, I met with him. Repeatedly. You shake hands with him — then you need to count your fingers, how much you have left. But this is such a liar... such a superior quality. And here more than half of Ukrainians...I don't know what I liked about Lukashenka...Often our leaders also tried to have a discussion with Lukashenka, and not only ours. I had the same conversations with Europeans and Americans. And there was an idea like this: we need to make Belarus closer to the West, then we will snatch Lukashenka from the clutches of Putin. Well, this is completely absurd. And even Makei, whom you mentioned, I don't believe that there are pro-Western people there. I also do not believe that Lukashenka's Belarus and Lukashenka can be made Western. It's impossible. Because the West cannot allow corruption to the president, his son, his relatives. But Putin can. So, what can be offered to oppose it?

Thus, it was generally a complete chimera — to think that Belarus under Lukashenka can be made part of the Western world. It is necessary to get rid of dictators and tyrants, introduce transparent fair elections, and if the people of Belarus can defend their choice and get a new president and a new parliament, there may be some kind of rapprochement with the West. And everything else is fiction. Moreover, how were they going to bring Belarus closer to the West, if Belarus is a Union State and is militarily, energetically, economically dependent on Russia? Whom were they going to agitate there? Those whom they were going to agitate, Lukashenka either killed or imprisoned. Or they managed to escape.

On what is happening in Belarus. I don't know what happened to this so-called foreign minister. But can they kill there? For him, killing is like a good day. He killed all his political opponents. It surprised me that even under such circumstances, some partners are considering how to conduct a dialogue with Lukashenka. Well, it's okay to have a dialogue with the killer. So this then echoes immediately with certain ideas that were before the war, how to conduct a dialogue with Putin. So how are they different? They differ only in the number of political opponents killed. And methods. But they look totally identical, like twin brothers, in the way they send their political opponents to the graveyard.

Now, regarding Lukashenka himself. Can Russia use such a trick? This is called a casus belli. The Russian special services kill Lukashenka, and blame Ukraine or the West for this ... They could blame even the Holy See, being themselves. Of course they can do it. I have no doubts, and I will remind you why. Before the start of the war, if the Americans had not launched a large-scale operation to expose Russia's criminal plans and how Russia tried to hide behind what was called a “false flag operation”. In principle, if the entire Western press had not begun to expose that Russia is preparing for war, that Russia is planning to do one-two-three-four-five, and these things will be the reason for the invasion of Ukraine, then, trust me, it would be the year 2014. I already told you this. I told you that I had to travel around a number of countries of the European Union, and tell them that there were no “little green men” there, that these were regular Russian troops. Therefore, the Russians are specialists in sabotage. They are like Nazis. Could it happen that Russia will use any pretext to draw Belarus into an official war? Of course. And is Lukashenka's life worth it? It is not worth a single Belarusian ruble for Putin,” Yatsenyuk said.