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Kupala Theatre Actor Fama Varanetski Dies

Kupala Theatre Actor Fama Varanetski Dies

The honored artist of Belarus was 84 years old.

On November 29, 2022, famous Belarusian actor Fama Varanetski died. The Honoured Artist of Belarus was 84 years old.

"Sad news. Fama Varanetski, a true Kupala actor, our good friend, teacher and inspirer, artist, has passed away. Sincere memory, condolences to family and friends," wrote Free Kupala Actors.

Fama Varanetski was born in Treskoushchyna near Minsk on March 23rd, 1938. Honoured Artist of Belarus (1990).

He was an actor of the Kolas theatre in Vitsebsk and an actor of the Kupala theatre since 1971. From 1990, taught at Belarusian Academy of Arts (professor).

At first played roles of heroes, then predominantly character roles. Among his best roles in Y. Kolas Theatre: Raskolnikov ("Crime and Punishment"), Leonidik ("My Poor Marat"), Viktor ("Warsaw Melody"); in the Y. Kupala Theatre: Salyanik ("Radavyja"), Panich ("Scattered Nest"), Beggar ("Passion for Avdey"), Teacher ("Nameless Star"), Cleon ("...Forget Herostratus!)