31 March 2023, Friday, 0:07
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American Political Observer: Lukashenka Drove Himself Into Difficult Situation

American Political Observer: Lukashenka Drove Himself Into Difficult Situation

Both the military and the people can openly oppose the dictator.

Dictator Lukashenka is in a difficult situation. He literally found himself under the control of Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. However, he still continues to resist in order not to directly fight with Ukraine. Because he understands that this will be the end for him.

Ramis Yunus, an American political observer, spoke with Channel 24 about this. According to him, Lukashenka could easily leave after the elections in Belarus 2 years ago. Then he would have a completely different situation. And now he is “on the hook” of Putin.

“If he admitted defeat in the elections, then the situation could be completely different for both Belarus and Lukashenka. Now he is “on the hook” of Putin. Like Putin, he is “on the hook” of the West after February 24,” Yunus said.

Putin saved him two years ago. And now he wants to use Lukashenka in full.

As Yunus noted, Putin wants to use Belarusian territory and the army for a war against Ukraine. This can work for an internal Russian resource as well. After all, now the mobilization has not given such strong results in the patriotic sense. People are still fleeing.

“Lukashenka understands that if Belarus nevertheless enters the war, he will fly out of his chair even faster than Putin. Civilian Belarusians do not want to fight, just like the military. If these forces unite, then Lukashenka's power may come to an end.

If the military do not want to fight, but go against him, then the people will come out too. They haven't gone anywhere in the last 3 years. 30 - 40 thousand served time in prisons, several dozens of thousands left abroad. And others are still at home,” the political observer said.

That is why Lukashenka resists as much as he can. He is ready to fulfill various whims of Putin, but does not want to directly enter the war.