31 March 2023, Friday, 0:23
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Marya Kalesnikava Taken To Hospital With Peritonitis

Marya Kalesnikava Taken To Hospital With Peritonitis

Political prisoner has problems with food intake.

Political prisoner Marya Kalesnikava was taken to hospital with peritonitis, Viktar Babaryka's telegram channel reports.

Her peritonitis was caused by a hole in the wall of her stomach (perforated ulcer). Food entering the stomach was therefore entering the abdominal cavity as well, causing inflammation there. The disease comes with severe pain and requires immediate hospitalization, as it is life threatening for the patient.

Now Marya consumes little food, as food in the colony is not suitable for her.

We shall remind you that on November 29, it became known about the hospitalization of Marya Kalesnikava. Over the weekend, political prisoner was transferred from Homel hospital emergency room to the colony. She is now in a medical facility.

Earlier Marya Kalesnikava was sentenced to 11 years in minimum security correctional facility. She was sent to Homel penal colony No. 4 to serve the sentence.