15 August 2022, Monday, 10:17
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Vadzim Kabanchuk: The Aggressor Will Be Transmitted To A "Cargo 200"

Vadzim Kabanchuk: The Aggressor Will Be Transmitted To A "Cargo 200"

A Belarusian volunteer in Ukraine told what awaits the occupiers.

Ukraine has been fighting back the attacks of the Russian aggressors for the third day already. A Belarusian volunteer Vadzim Kabanchuk told the website Charter97.org about the tactics of the invaders and the possible participation of the Belarusian military in the war:

— The actual situation is under control. The Ukrainian command promptly responds to all the threats that the Russian invasion group is trying to create. All their attempts are stopped and blocked. Now their main task is to sow panic and escalate the situation. They fail to take over the major cities, not even the major cities, just some nodes of resistance. They simply try to bypass the objects, to block the communication paths with paratroopers, they do coverage in order to create the prerequisites for encirclement, semi-encirclement and panic. That's what they're counting on.

Also, they let out such men-kamikaze similar to terrorists, who fire random objects, random people in the cities. But they are being liquidated very quickly, many such groups have already been destroyed. Again, this is done for one purpose - to sow panic. Afterwards, they spread information, that somewhere there were carried out breakthroughs, armoured vehicles were observed somewhere. So they are trying to escalate the situation.

Suicide groups are small groups that have either been infiltrated beforehand or leaked out. As a rule, they are in civilian clothes, but sometimes they try to disguise themselves as Ukrainian security forces or the Territorial Defence. They are hunted down and identified quite quickly, people know how to respond to such threats.

The Minister for the Reintegration of the Territory, Vereshchuk, took the initiative to let the Red Cross collect the corpses of soldiers from the Russian invading group and take them to the Russian territory. The occupiers must now understand that everyone who enters here now will be transmitted to a "Cargo 200". That's how they will leave here.

This also concerns the Belarusians directly. Most recently, a video of the interrogation of a captured officer of the Russian SOBR appeared. He testified that they had joint exercises with the Belarusian OMON and other special forces. The purpose of the exercises is to conduct assault operations in city circumstances. This proves that they are preparing to use the Belarusian security forces to invade Ukraine. OMON, who fought for their "sunshine place" in Belarus, deserved their place of honour to go on in front of the first line. They will be convinced by their own experience that it is not like chasing grandmothers and women around Minsk.

If they fail to break Ukraine in the next couple of weeks, then, most likely, Belarusian security forces will be connected as a reserve. Therefore, it is very important now to oppose the war for the relatives of those who serve, and just the public, various initiatives. So that they would take their children from the army. If some military unit advances towards the Ukrainian border, then I recommend that they either surrender or desert from the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus. Otherwise, their fate in Ukraine will be sad, the same as those "two-hundredths" who are now being transported to Russia. There are thousands of them already.

The same applies to all scrap metal that comes here. It will be burned within the next few days. They do not have many chances to take over Kyiv. They have no chance of taking any big city. Their machinery will be burned, and their personal will be destroyed. Moreover, they understand this very well, so they try to act through panic attacks. People are set up to resist.