25 September 2022, Sunday, 14:56
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The AFU Repels Russian Troops On All Fronts (online)

The AFU Repels Russian Troops On All Fronts (online)

(Updated) Key information of the 17th day of the war.

The seventeenth day of the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian military invasion has begun. Since the beginning of the war, thirty-one battalion tactical groups of the enemy have lost combat efficiency in Ukraine.

There are small groups of enemy deserters. Over the past three days, deserters have been moving towards the state border. The enemy is experiencing severe problems with reserve recruitment.

The Charter97.org website conducts an online broadcast of the seventeenth day of the war. You can see what was happening in Ukraine on March 11 in our previous online report.

Special broadcast by Ukraine 24 TV channel

23:51 The media found out the details of the luxurious life of Putin's mistress Alina Kabaeva in Switzerland.

According to journalists, a woman with 4 children of the Russian dictator lives in a “private and very secure” chalet on the shores of Lake Lugano.

23:40 Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk addressed the Russians and Ukrainians on the 17th day of the war.

23:28 Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured the drone of the Russian invaders.

23:13 Israeli intelligence reports that the Russian Federation is increasing its military contingent in Brest.

23:00 Yubileyka Minsk knows for sure: there is no truth on Lukashenka’s TV.

22:50 The tourist market in Belarus is about to collapse.

22:40 Ukrainian border guards near Mariupol eliminated 15 Russian servicemen, two were taken prisoner. The rest of the Russian occupiers in the area ran away.

22:31 The traditional evening ambulance for the transportation of wounded Russian invaders from the Homel airport.

22:20 This is what Deribasovska Street in Odesa looks like now.

22:15 “The elimination of Russian President Putin will be sufficient to end the war in Ukraine, but the de-Putinization of Russia is required to restore peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic space,” says Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

22:03 Minsk micro district Chyzhouka supports Ukraine and all the brave people of Belarus and Russia who take to the streets against dictatorships.

21:52 The General Staff of Ukraine said that the occupiers have changed tactics.

21:46 In the Izyum district, the Armed Forces of Ukraine downed a Russian fighter jet with a Stinger. It fell on the territory of the Russian Federation.

21:37 “The corpses of the Russians are being taken to the airport, they started burying them in the ground near the city.” See what is happening in hospitals and morgues in the Belarusian cities.

21:26 The European Union fears that Russia may attack one of the NATO countries, said Head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell. He didn't specify which one.

21:20 The Russian invaders shot a convoy of women and children while they were trying to evacuate from the village of Peremoga in the Kyiv region along the agreed green corridor, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine reports.

As a result, seven people died, including one child. The exact number of wounded is unknown.

21:09 Miracles of Lukashenka-style economy on the example of pepper alone: the price has shot up rapidly in just one day.

21:00 The map of the Russian invasion as of 5 pm (Minsk time) on March 12.

20:52 The Russian-Ukrainian talks “continue in video format”. Mykhaylo Podolyak, advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine, stated this on Twitter.

20:45 In the Chernihiv region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated two settlements, did not give the occupier the opportunity to establish a crossing, and got hold of more than 10 units of enemy equipment.

20:38 The largest debit electronic payment system PayPal will block all electronic wallets of Russians from March 18.

20:31 “The enemy will be defeated”: Svyatoslav Vakarchuk sang at the Railway Station in Lviv.

20:20 As of 2 pm (Minsk time) on March 12, since the beginning of the invasion of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine, 79 children have died, about 100 have been injured.

20:12 Right now, a rally is taking place near the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. People are demanding to close the sky over Ukraine, and impose an embargo on the purchase of oil and gas from Russia.

20:00 Minsk resident Dzmitry Matsyushenka was sentenced to 13 days of detention for the inscription “No war” on the window of the apartment.

19:52 A video of the destruction of two aircraft of the Russian army near Skadovsk appeared on the internet.

19:45 Trading on the Moscow Exchange will not be resumed until March 18. The decision was made by the Central Bank of Russia. Previously, the bank postponed the opening of the exchange every day.

19:38 Ukrainian fighters ambushed a convoy of Russian equipment in the Brovary district of the Kyiv region. The Russians drove about 30 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles along the highway to Kyiv.

19:31 Protests against the Russian invaders do not subside in Kherson.

19:23 This is the evacuation train from Poltava to Lviv. People went like this for 17 hours with the curtains down to avoid being targeted by the Russians.

19:12 The saboteur caught by the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed the “palianytsia” test.

19:01 Biden issued a memorandum on the provision of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of up to $ 200 million — White House.

18:57 Belarus has decided to suspend sugar exports. According to Aleh Zhydkou, chairman of the Belgospischeprom concern, the demand for sugar increased 1.7 times compared to February.

18:50 In the Zaporizhzhya region, the tank of the invaders crushed a car with civilians. As a result, two adult men died, and a minor child burned to death in a burning car.

18:42 The photo of a young Ukrainian woman with disabled dogs from near Irpin amazed the whole world. Journalists found her and talked to her. Now the girl dreams of saving her parents and 20 dogs that are with them near Kyiv.

18:35 About 600 Czech citizens want to fight on the Ukrainian side.

18:28 The Kremlin has clearly overestimated its army, German experts say. According to them, the Russian authorities made many other mistakes: they underestimated the Ukrainian army, poorly prepared equipment, and did not inform the soldiers about the goals of the operation.

18:15 Belarusians complain about difficulties with withdrawing currency from banks.

18:10 In the “DPR”, men are caught in the streets like dogs. Belarusian men can expect the same future.

18:00 The Armed Forces of Ukraine put out of action a third of the battalion-tactical groups of the Russian army.

17:50 The leader of the Belarusian opposition Mikalai Statkevich believes that changes in Belarus can happen much faster thanks to Ukraine.

17:41 “We have lost about 1,300 soldiers,” Zelensky for the first time reveals the number of dead Ukrainian fighters.

17:35 In two weeks of war against Ukraine, Russia has lost $30 billion of its GDP. That's a 9% cut - Bloomberg.

17:28 Belarusian auto carriers are sounding the alarm.

17:16 Bayraktar TB-2 continues to work and destroy Putin’s invaders.

17:10 Belarusbank introduces restrictions on Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards issued with opening an account only in Belarusian rubles starting tomorrow. It will now be possible to withdraw or spend up to 400 rubles per day abroad.

16:59 Imperva leaves Russia and Belarus. The company has disabled all existing services: web application security, DDoS attack prevention, content caching, cloud storage protection, and data security and risk protection.

16:54 The Russian aviation industry will soon be at the level of Iran and North Korea due to sanctions, — CNN. The sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union have already resulted in two of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, no longer being able to supply parts or provide maintenance to Russian airlines. The same applies to jet engine manufacturers.

16:50 The Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the liquidation of another battalion of invaders.

16:39 A cluster of Russian S-400 missiles was found in the Belarusian village of Prudok.

16:32 American volunteers joined the international legion of defenders of Ukraine.

16:24 The Address of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Serhiy Shkarlet on the start of the educational process in certain regions of the country.

16:04 Serhiy Khlan, the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council, told about the occupiers' plans to create another pseudo-republic in the Kherson region and to carry out a "referendum".

15:48 Russian occupiers were forced to resort to looting due to the unsuccessful offensive. Everything because of the logistic problems and overstretched communication lines.

15:42 The Russian army lost another Uragan because of the exact strike with Bayraktar.

15:38 The fighter of Russian private military company Wagner in the captivity of the Security Service of Ukraine. The occupier believed in the fairy tale: "...we were told that the civilians would greet us with a smile and our task was to free them from the fascists." However, Ukraine of the 2022 model is a completely different state, and the military is capable of destroying even the most professional occupiers. The fighter of the Wagner Groupe, for example, was captured during reconnaissance near Novoukrainka, when he was mapping out a route for the main forces of the invaders. They wanted to come to Kherson through the Donetsk region.

15:23 Even the Ukrainian land stops the occupier, and then the locals finish off the enemy's logistics. Chernihiv region, our days.

15:10 The United States has banned supplies of dollar banknotes from the US to Russia. This is the subject of President Joe Biden's executive order. The executive order prohibits "the exportation, reexportation, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a United States person, wherever located, of U.S. dollar-denominated banknotes to the Government of the Russian Federation or any person located in the Russian Federation." Earlier the European Union made a similar decision and prohibited supplying euro banknotes to Russia. Against the background of this information, huge queues for exchanges have lined up in Moscow.

15:01 Eric Davidich, who has 4 million followers on Instagram, opposed the war on the first day of the war and clearly explained the process of destruction of the Russians with censorship by the Russian Federation itself.

14:54 “I'm starting to believe Ukrainians. I'm asking you, if something terrible is happening there, please surrender! At least they're alive." The girl of a Russian soldier gave valuable advice to her beloved.

14:45 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the people.

— He thanked the residents of Melitopol for that they didn't capitulate and protected the mayor captured by the occupiers.

— The president regularly conducts negotiations with foreign leaders concerning the situation in Ukraine.

— The 31st Battalion Tactical Group of the enemy have lost combat capability.

— Ukraine sends humanitarian cargoes to Mariupol, to support the population.

— Green corridors from the temporarily occupied territories have been prepared.

— Gasoline and diesel fuel are now free of VAT.

— Those communities that host refugees with their local budgets will receive compensations for the costs of housing and communal services.

14:36 Report on the current operational situation from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of March 12. Key information:

— The enemy has consolidated in the northern part of Irpin and does not leave attempts to seize.

— The main efforts of occupiers are concentrated on the capture of the cities of Mariupol and Sievierodonetsk as for the Donetsk and Tavriisk fronts. The enemy captured the eastern outskirts of Mariupol.

— On the Volyn front the enemy didn't carry out offensive actions. The military leadership of the Republic of Belarus is taking measures to strengthen border protection with Ukraine. The possibility of the direct participation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus in hostilities against Ukraine on the side of Russia remains.

— There are no significant enemy actions on the Polesie front. Russian occupiers are carrying out measures to restore combat effectiveness and regroup troops after considerable losses.

— On the Siversk front, the enemy accomplishes construction reinforcement of the positions in the Mykhailo-Kotsiubynske, Levkovichi, Zhukotki, Horodnia (Chernihiv region).

— The occupiers did not succeed with the resumed offensive on the Slobozhanske front.

— On the Volnovakha front, the enemy tries to develop an offensive in the direction of the settlement of Krasna Poliana. The enemy has made an attempt to advance in the direction of the settlement of Olginka.

— On the Pivdennobuzki front, the enemy doesn't leave attempts of a new offensive to encircle the Mykolaiv outlying areas.

14:24 Belarusians who have decided to fight for Ukraine against Russia are now training to defend Kyiv.

14:21 In the Luhansk region, border guards, together with the servicemen of other special services, captured the trophy reconnaissance vehicle and captured one occupier, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

14:17 Up-to-date information on railway communication and the functioning of railway stations.

14:05 Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksi Arestovich said that the Belarusian army refuses to take part in Russia's war with Ukraine because of the principled position of Belarusians.

13:51 In Mariupol, Donetsk Region, Russian troops shelled a Muslim mosque.

13:40 The saboteurs who planned to blow up military and civilian facilities in Kharkiv were arrested. They got guns and explosives.

13:36 The situation in the Kyiv region as of March 12:

— Boryspil district. There was shelling in the northern part of the district last night, no casualties. The Defence Forces are on high alert. They are reinforcing the posts. Humanitarian issues are constantly and timely resolved.

— Bucha district. The situation is tense. There is no communication with the community of Makariv. The enemy movement was detected in the Borodianka community. The evacuation is in progress. The movement of the enemy equipment was detected in the Nemishaieve, Dmitriv, Bucha, Hostomel communities.

At night there were fights in Irpin.

— Brovary district. The movement of the enemy equipment was detected in the settlements of the Baryshivka, Kalitianske and Velikodimerska communities.

The fighting continues.

— Vyshhorod district. The north of the district remains under enemy occupation.

The Polesia, Dymer, Ivankiv communities stand on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. Humanitarian and medical assistance is transported to the districts. But the invaders are preventing the attempts to help the occupied communities.

Slavutych has been completely isolated. There is a need for food and medicine.

13:20 Advisor to the Head of the President's Office Oleksi Arestovich spoke about the next phase of the war with Russia.

13:11 Everyone is now vigilant: children set up their post in Kalush, so as not to miss the enemy's subversion and reconnaissance groups.

13:07 Snow is not a barrier for Ukrainian mortar men. Once the enemy gets close to the range of the shot. The mortar men of the 30th Mechanized Brigade named Prince Konstanty Ostrogski are eloquently proving their qualification with marksmanship. This is how another column of enemy equipment was destroyed.

13:01 Russian artillery strikes on a residential area in Mykolaiv.

12:50 More and more Belarusian volunteers come to Ukraine to fight against the Russian occupiers.

12:46 A Pilot-in-command of the Russian airline company “Pobeda” announced to the passengers his personal position regarding the war in Ukraine.

12:43 Ukrainian Air Defense shot down another Russian Su-34 bomber.

12:33 This is how residents of Ukrainian cities meet the Russian occupiers.

12:29 The Azov Battalion captured one of the soldiers recruited by the occupiers of Donetsk People's Republic. The Russian command uses such soldiers for the first advances and to reveal the positions of Ukrainians.

12:13 A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told what remains after the Russian tank crewmen.

12:09 Ukrainian wrestlers took arms to protect their native country: the video message by the athletes.

11:57 Putin does not believe in his own army and resorts to Stalinist repression. A riot has already begun among the Russian military. One of the captured occupiers told about it on interrogation in the Security Service of Ukraine. According to him, the army leadership resumed the practice of "firing squads", echelons that follow the main forces of the Russian Federation and kill those who want to escape.

"We have been given to understand that we will not go back, because echelons are following us, killing deserters trying to return home," confesses the Russian fascist.

11:45 The occupiers abandon their equipment. Ukrainians equip themselves for free. This time the Ukrainian servicemen got for free a functioning tank and the Ural vehicle with Grad's ammunition.

11:38 Ukrainian artillery covered the enemy column of tanks and IFVs with a direct hit.

11:27 “We know almost all their (Russian) plans. As soon as any ideas are appearing in the main offices, we know about it immediately," said the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Kirilo Budanov.

11:23 Another interception of the invaders' conversation. A brigade commander is talking to one of the Russian soldiers: "This is Chechnya, 1995, the hell, the same as here! We walk like blind kittens and we do not know what will happen." And the wife advised "not to bust his ass, to hide out and to return home alive".

11:12 The Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated the commander of the operational battalion of the troops of the National Guard, Major Dmitry Valeryevich Bezborodov from Balakovo, the Saratov region.

11:01 The Mykolaiv national guard destroyed the Russian sniper who was at a distance more than 1000 meters with machine-gun fire.

10:54 Combat losses of the Russian army as of March 12.

10:52 The Kub drone, which fell in Kyiv, had explosives, reports the military correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko.

10:45 The destruction of Kadyrov's followers is in full swing in Ukraine.

10:39 Putin's army covers itself with Red Cross flags to move combat groups.

10:36 In Melitopol people went to the captured building of the district state administration with a demand to release the mayor Ivan Fyodorov.

10:30 In the Chernihiv region, the Ukrainian military destroyed the enemy howitzer Msta-S.

10:28 Belarusian military do not want to fight with Ukraine, and officers leave the country with their families. To prevent riots in the army of the Republic of Belarus, it is filled with commanders from Moscow.

10:17 MEPs appealed to the residents of Mariupol with words of support.

"People in Mariupol, we are from the European Parliament here. We are in Lviv. We are thinking about you, we are feeling with you. We are feeling the same pain as you feel in Mariupol. I can assure you that the hearts of Germany as well the hearts of the European Union are with you. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you all the time. We know Mariupol. You will survive, and you will win. Putin will be downed. We are with you! Stay strong!" the address says.

10:09 A Russian drone was shot down in Kyiv.

10:07 The yacht "A" of the Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko, which had fallen under sanctions, was arrested in Italy tonight. Its cost is estimated at 530 000 000 euros.

10:00 Iryna Vereshchuk on the functioning of humanitarian corridors on March 12.

09:58 Ukrainian infantry captured the tanks abandoned by the occupiers.

09:52 The head of Chernihiv Regional State Administration Vyacheslav Chaus told about a situation in the city as of today, on March 12.

09:43 The UN has evidence of Russia's use of prohibited cluster bombs. It was declared to journalists by Liz Throssell, the official representative of the organization.

09:41 US President Joe Biden warned that Russia will pay a ‘severe price’ if it uses chemical weapons in Ukraine. CNN informed about it.

"I'm not going to speak about the intelligence, but Russia will pay a severe price if they use chemicals," the American President said.

09:31 LINX (London Internet Exchange) confirmed the disconnection of key Russian providers (Rostelecom, Megafon) from the point of international traffic exchange. Now the traffic will go through Asia, which means a significant data transfer slowdown.

09:26 Carl Bildt, the Former Swedish Prime Minister, thinks that the scale of the losses testifies to the complete unsuitability of the Russian army.

“I hear assessments here in DC that after two weeks up towards a quarter of Russian military equipment in Ukraine invasion has been destroyed or disabled. I remember from my old military days that a military unit which has losses of a third is considered unusable," he tweeted.

09:23 Former head of the European Council Donald Tusk shamed the country concerned about sanctions with a picture of a girl from Ukraine with a weapon in her hands.

"Please don't tell her that tougher sanctions will cost Europe too much!" the Polish politician signed a strong photo.

09:13 Ukrainian fighters destroyed a subdivision of the Russian army from Dagestan and Chechnya.

09:09 In the Mykolaiv area the Ukrainian military managed to drive the Russian occupiers into "a ring", having destroyed a pontoon crossing with the point fire and having cut them off withdrawal routes. After that, the AFU covered the enemy with artillery strikes.

09:03 On March 12, at 7:35 a.m., local residents of Nova Kakhovka recorded a convoy of Russian vehicles moving towards Dnipriany, Serhiy Tsyhipa said. According to him the column from Dnipriany went to Korsunka.

08:51 Head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach spoke about the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions.

08:37 A pilot from the occupied Crimea flew to bomb Ukraine, where his mother lives: now he is in captivity. About the fact that her son, Aleksey Golovinskiy, arrived to kill Ukrainians, the mother learned from the news.

“I felt pain and shame for my son. We repeatedly heard the howl of the sirens of air alert here, in Kremenchuk. It is impossible for me to understand how it was possible to carry out the criminal order of commanders about the bombing of Ukraine," the woman said with tears in her eyes.

08:29 A fire in a warehouse of storage of frozen production broke out as a result of night shelling of the village of Kvitneve in the Kyiv region. Tentatively, there are no victims and injured.

08:27 PMC Wagner started a large recruitment of mercenaries for the war in Ukraine. BBC sources said that the private military company takes anybody now.

08:20 Explosions are heard in Dnipro (in the photo), Vasylkiv and Kropyvnytskyi in the morning.

08:15 The Territorial Defense "collected trophies", 3 enemy tanks and a self-propelled artillery vehicle, and also killed two soldiers of the enemy army in the Sumy district.

08:11 At night, occupants shelled residential areas of Mykolaiv.

08:07 Russia is preparing provocations at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant: possible scenarios are named.

08:02 The AFU is holding the enemy's offensive on all fronts. The operational summary of the General Staff as of 6:00, March 12:

— The enemy is stopped in the Polesia, Siversk, Pivdennyi Buh operational areas, the enemy attempts to consolidate on the previously seized boundaries.

— On the Donetsk front, the occupiers obtained worthy rebuff from the Ukrainian defenders during the attempts to advance and they were stopped in separate directions, on others the enemy substantially reduced the rates of advance.

— Since the beginning of the war shooting thirty-one battalion tactical groups of the enemy lost combat efficiency in Ukraine.

— As a result of the hostilities, most of the units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation that had direct fire contact with the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were demoralized, the moral and psychological condition of the personnel continues to decrease, cases of capture by individual groups are recorded. There are small groups of enemy deserters. Over the past three days, deserters have been moving towards the state border.

The enemy is experiencing severe problems with reserve recruitment.

— The Armed Forces of Ukraine, in concerted cooperation with other units of the security and defence sector of the State and the national resistance forces, are restraining the massive offensive of the occupying forces.