5 July 2022, Tuesday, 13:33
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What Is Behind Pogrom Of Belarusian Medical Centers?

What Is Behind Pogrom Of Belarusian Medical Centers?

Dr Saikou has already received "ultimatums" from the Lukashists.

Medical centers in the country were subjected to be crushed. The existence of Lode and Clinic A1 is under threat. Last week, the Financial Investigation Department held its sword against Nordin: after a search, documents were confiscated from the medical center, and the founder, the well-known doctor Saikou, was detained.

Nasha Niva's sources, medical specialists, believe that the ultimate goal may be the redistribution of the private medicine market in favor of those close to the "family".

They say about Saikou himself that he is an experienced one and has already come across ultimatums by the Lukashists.

“Saikou made money on the treatment of alcoholism, he invested his proceeds in construction. He also had a pharmacy chain, some kind of commercial real estate, and then a medical center.

But Nordin medical center already had problems. This happened after a person died in Ecomedservice [2014]. They started searches there and found something. Later, they came to other centers with the same issue, and hooked the Nordin as well,” says one of the sources.

“Then Saikou got in trouble: he is rather weak as a businessman. He knows his field - psychiatry, he made money with it. But he was always poorly organized, or, I would say, at least weaker than Lode: his tops were simpler, and so on.

Then all his assets were in Nordin: the company had both buildings and equipment, everything. If he then lost his license, he would become as poor as a church mouse.

Therefore, when a fine was imposed under the threat of having his license taken away, he went around Minsk to ask for money to pay off the fine. Few people remember the amount, a couple of million, maybe like that, someone gave it to him. He paid off,” recalls Saikou’s previous adventures.

Opinions about current events are leaning towards suspicions of redivision of the market. But it is emphasized that it is still too early for a final conclusion.

“There can be any official claims, we already know and have learned that official claims have a double bottom almost in any case.

We have the facts: there are only three truly large private medical centers: Lode, Nordin and Ecomedservice.

Two of them are already under serious pressure.

As they say, who benefits?

Recently, a private clinic Merci was opened in Minsk, the leadership of the clinic is considered to be nominal leaders in professional circles through their own fault. In private conversations, they regularly mentioned those behind them [meaning the family of one of Lukashenka's sons].

Therefore, it is too early to draw a final conclusion, but the idea is popular in the community that private medicine in the country is being cleared in favor of “their own” private medicine. This is what it looks like.

Cleaning the market, they will just withdraw money. It is necessary to follow how the story with Lode ends,” a well-informed source from the sphere believes.