4 July 2022, Monday, 7:00
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Wave Of "Italian" Strikes Awaits Hrodna Azot

Wave Of "Italian" Strikes Awaits Hrodna Azot

The company will soon have no one to work at it.

In the last few months, Hrodna Azot has been working half-heartedly just to serve the domestic market. In the end of April and in the beginning of May, the authorities of Hrodna Azot were making life a nightmare for the workers of the plant, instead of looking for ways to continue the work.

In late April and early May, the Lukashenka activists started to destroy independent trade unions, including those at the Hrodna enterprise. Dozens of people were detained. As a result, on May 11, the primary organization of the Independent trade union at Hrodna Azot was closed by the decision of the Hrodna Regional Court.

However, general director of the enterprise Liashenka did not rejoice long at the liquidation of his main opponent. On Saturday, May 14, the factory management was searched and the head of the sector of auxiliary materials and means of protection Dzianis Hrychyk was detained for taking a bribe. It was expected that the investigation would be continued and all the corruption schemes at the plant would be exposed, because Hrychyk is obviously not the key figure in the case. But that did not happen. Most likely, Liashenka, saving his own skin, rolled over on the "pawn".

By trying to destroy the independent workers' organizations at the enterprises, the Lukashists are trying to leave workers without the right to defend themselves. As we know, primary branches of the Independent Trade Union are being repressed at practically every factory in Belarus. This is why it is necessary to seek and demand sanctions from the International Labour Organisation in order to avoid a complete domination and tyranny of employers.

The independent organizations at the enterprises are needed as a supervising body, with workers in management, who must first and foremost defend their fundamental right to strike. Although a strike is a measure of last resort, even the threat of a strike can resolve labour disputes by negotiating between the parties. This balances and shares the authority between workers and management. Especially when it comes to wages, health and safety. The rights of workers have been violated at Hrodna Azot for two years now, and the situation is only getting worse with each passing day.

In addition to having miserable wages, the employees are gradually being deprived of the privileges that they have enjoyed for many years, even in difficult times. On the eve of the main holiday, the Chemist's Day, which is on the last weekend in May, the workers were traditionally given a bonus as a present, but no one has found it in the advance payment this time. In addition, there was not even a word about when and how much it would be. Instead, on May 19, the management made an official suggestion: to buy video recorders in order to ensure complete control over the workers. Moreover, after the purchase, to change the job regulations in accordance with the changes.

One day the stupid management will lead the enterprise to a total collapse. There are many examples of successful factories in Belarus, which have been destroyed not by sanctions, but by incompetent managers. The managers do not care about the future prospects, about the future sales of their products, or about the wages of the workers of their enterprises.

Such an attitude is bound to arouse the indignation of the workers. If nothing else, there will be an escalation of the "Italian" strikes. The factory is losing its best specialists, mass dismissals continue, there will soon be no one left to work.

Artsiom Chernikau, specially for the Basta! Telegram channel