24 May 2022, Tuesday, 6:50
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Enterprises Across Belarus Stop Production

Enterprises Across Belarus Stop Production

The authorities are trying in a panic to hide the catastrophic situation.

"We receive hundreds of messages by mail that they are shutting down production at various enterprises throughout Belarus,” the BOR. Telegram channel writes.

If the lack of sales markets is still somehow compensated by work at the warehouse, then problems with the supply of spare parts and components for the production of products and the repair of production equipment lead to workshop shutdowns today.

The authorities are trying in every possible way to hide the catastrophic situation, but no matter how hard they try, it is no longer possible to hush it up. Dead machine tools and empty storeroom shelves become a clear example of "strong management".

For example, the lack of seemingly small things like bearings leads to production shutdowns at a number of enterprises. Belaruskali cannot repair the conveyor belts, the Minsk Tractor Plant has nothing to put in the tractor gearbox, the Minsk Wheeled Tractors Plant has machine tools without bearings.

This is how the crisis hits the wallets of the workers (no production, no sales, no wages). Sanctions also affect other areas of life. Fuel costs almost a dollar. You will say that in Europe gasoline costs one and a half euros and you will be right, but the level of salaries there is four times higher. At the same time, such products as buckwheat, sugar, potatoes, carrots in Europe are two or even three times cheaper than in Belarus.

The agro-fascist and our silence have led us to such consequences. Sanctions will continue to gain strength, the people will become poorer, and the junta will tighten the screws to a characteristic crunch. So is it worth it to endure until this very "crunch", wouldn't it be better to try to change your life now?

Start acting, stop being indifferent. There are no more somebody else's pieces of cake. Look for ways to fight, create self-defense units, develop yourself and the people around you. Very soon you will need to take a decisive step, and you must be prepared for this.

Be prepared!