10 August 2022, Wednesday, 10:40
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Expert: Ukraine Should Help Belarusians Start People's Liberation Struggle

Expert: Ukraine Should Help Belarusians Start People's Liberation Struggle

The Belarusian diaspora will become the driving force, which the West can help to arm.

The continued use of the territory of Belarus for armed aggression against Ukraine has naturally raised a wave of hatred against the Belarusians. And Belarusians understand that, writes Ukrainian political expert Ruslan Rokhov on Facebook.

Hate against Belarusians has been spreading in the Ukrainian segment of Facebook for two days. The only problem is that the Kremlin wants this. They want us to hate Belarusians, and they, in turn, hate us. SSU of the Defense Ministry reports about the terrorist attacks in Mozyr, prepared by Rascists. It would seem as a response of Ukraine to attacks from the territory of Belarus.

If this scenario happens, the Rascists will be able to create sufficient conditions, which force Aliaksandr Lukashenka to engage the army of the Republic of Belarus in the war. This, on the one hand, will cause the need to pull considerable AFU forces back to the northern front. On the other hand, it will create a numerical advantage for the Russian army on the eastern front. It will help them to form a sufficient "strike fist" to reach the administrative borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

This is a very undesirable scenario, so official Kyiv should reconsider its policy toward Belarus.

It is not the best strategy to hope that Lukashenka will find another way to avoid a full-fledged involvement in the war.

It is worth creating conditions when the Kremlin's puppet is afraid to enter into the fight, because it will end with the de-occupation of Belarus and his removal from power.

But I can do this with our efforts, because it leads to the implementation of the scenario with the opening of the northern front and the numerical advantage of the Rascists in the east.

It would be reasonable here to support those Belarusians, who publicly express their readiness to lead the people's liberation struggle. For these Belarusians to form sufficiently numerous armed brigades in the ranks of the AFU, planting hope in the hearts of Belarusians that they will soon be liberated. This, on the one hand, will motivate people inside Belarus to create partisan networks. On the other hand, it will intimidate Lukashenka.

I have already written in my blog that all those who were able to resist, the Kremlin occupation regime, represented by Aliaksandr Lukashenka, expelled from the Republic of Belarus. Hence, the only chance now for the Belarusians to restore their sovereignty is the people's liberation struggle. Only Belarusian diaspora may try to arm themselves with the help of their allies and become the driving force of this struggle.

I know a number of Belarusians who would be ready to fight, waiting for the green light given in Kyiv.

I believe official Kyiv should not watch the Kremlin inciting enmity between Ukrainians and Belarusians but rather help them start a people's liberation struggle.

I've been saying this since the Rascists crossed the northern borders, but so far I haven't been heard.

We should impose our games, not play someone else's. Ukraine should be proactive rather than reactive.

The Kremlin plans its strategies in the current landscape, while we should change it and plan ours. We will always have a strategic advantage this way.

This, in my opinion, should be Kyiv's response to the Kremlin's actions.