15 August 2022, Monday, 9:54
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‘As Soon As One Receives First Salary, Heart Attack Follows’

‘As Soon As One Receives First Salary, Heart Attack Follows’

How the Lukashenka regime robbed pensioners.

Another so-called pension reform starts in Belarus on October 1. We are talking about innovations on the additional funded pension. The first stage of the retirement age increase has been accomplished this year in our country. However, Belarus is among the lagging countries in Europe in terms of pensions.

Charter97.org has found out what Belarusians think about the situation with pensions.

"It makes no sense for the young people, remaining in Belarus, to pay SSF and pension tax. It is better to have the money here and now, than to receive the promised pension in "...rty" years. Firstly, one should make it to the retirement age. Secondly, once one receives one's first pension, it's time for a heart attack. It will be miserable. The deductions are made not in hard currency but in colorful notes".

"Pensioners, who during their employment created an additional product, who created a real income for the state, compared to the parasites in uniform and without, became much less. And now the main mass of them are layabouts. The same parasites who have not done anything useful in life. And we should support them twice as much as the rest of the pensioners. The Soviet pension system in the cockroach Belarus has reached its bottom".

"Under Lukashenka and his likes, only those closest to him will have pensions! Development and progress are needed to normalize the country's economy. Lukashenka has brought Belarus into a regressive state; there is a collapse in all sectors of the country's economy!"

"The Lukashists have already planned a war. Many men will be killed and maimed for Lukashenka and Putin. These two plan to conscript and send to Ukraine. And the junta will have a female population working for them instead, with an increased retirement age, and an expanded use of female power."

"Yesterday, I witnessed an elderly woman asking a saleswoman to weigh one sausage. She says there is no more money left from her pension after paying for her rent and medicines. Given such pensions and prices, she will soon starve. A person who has worked all her life can buy one sausage on a pension. What is the point of working all your life to live in poverty and starve then?"

"Pensioners who have worked all their lives are disposables for Lukashenka. They have become a useless burden for the regime, which has always cherished itself. The regime does not need pensioners; it is cheaper to bury them than to tear them away for years."

"I am a pensioner. I have to work because I can't survive on my pension. If I add up my pension and my salary, they don't even total up to an average wage."

"Your deductions are long gone. They don't go into your piggy bank but into the pensions of retirees. Meanwhile, a new generation is supposed to pay for your pension. Only this generation is already less than the previous one. It has even decided to actively leave. So the solution is obvious - not to let the old generation retire."

"Lukashenka does not benefit from people providing for their old age. His dream is that a Belarusian should work for his family, bring profit to his family, and die at work before one reaches the retirement age. Read Orwell, everything is clear there. The RB has created an Orwell Animal Farm with elements of agrofascism."

"Destroyed medicine, skyrocketing prices, an incredible amount of extortion for everything, covid denial, destroyed economy, increased retirement age, led to the extinction of pensioners".

"The sand castle called "socially oriented state" is falling apart before our eyes."

"It will be more profitable not to pay contributions but to buy dollars and hide them in a jar, a three-liter jar. And the employer's contributions to the SSF also diverted into this jar. It would be fair. Given that this jar can be easily left to the children in case of emergency."

"Relax, when there are no laws; there will be no pension. "Provide proof of salary for the last 28 years." It is hilarious how a person will look for organizations that existed 30 years ago, when "yabatki" pretend they have forgotten what money they withdrew from your salary monthly."

"How is it possible to save for a pension in rubles if we have devaluations every three years? And in 30 years, one can expect nothing but a melted cheese? Reforms in the economy must improve the current situation. Then the pension reform follows. There is no sense in accumulating money in rubles without a stable economy".

"Thieves don't give but take away! One can only live up to pension in a fascist state in spite of it. The size of a pension, prices and quality of medicines could have fixed this misunderstanding. However, not under Lukashenka."

"Belarus has no future with the Lukashenka and Bolshevik crust and no presequities for development and growth. As long as Lukashism and the junta exists, Belarus has no happiness and normal free life. Only a free, European, democratic Belarus can develop as a normal European country with European wages, pensions, living standards and freedom".

"They've bred money-grubbers, cops, and mercenary soldiers. Where should the money for pensions come from?"

"Will we retire at age 63, and a separate untouchable caste will retire at age 45?"

"Such a high retirement age is a dirty act on the part of the shameless impostor. More than half will die right at workplace. It's a shame and an abomination on the part of this stinking regime."

"Pensions? Or is the point just to end up with the demographic catastrophe in RB?"

"The swindler and real parasite Lukashenka, who has not earned a ruble in his life, together with a bunch of thieves has stolen pensions from thousands of Belarusians. The authorities of Belarus are thieves and bandits. And this is the power of Russia-focused bandits. All of them are the enemies of our people".

"There is no more money to pay pensions (there are sweet-wrappers, and the printing press is working). The economy is killed by bureaucrats and cops who cover businesses that work for little to no reason".

" To make the funded pension system work, we need to significantly reduce inflation and strengthen the ruble. It requires a competitive market economy and good foreign trade with access to Baltic ports. We also need a budget that works for Belarus but not for the corrupt Lukashenka family that raised only foreign debts. We need an economy attractive for investment. To achieve it, we should remove parasites called Lukashenka and his family from the body of Belarus, and turn Belarus into a free, legal, democratic state with a market economy".

"Belarusians are as smart as the Finns and Germans. The trouble of the post-Soviet space is widespread theft and embezzlement, corruption. Look at palaces, yachts, accounts in Western banks. All this was done with people's and pensioners' money".

"All these reformists concede their incompetence. Given the monopoly of dictators on legislation (we have no time for laws), they can afford it. In a free world, the state always has competitors for money to provide for old age."

"If the fund wasn't Lukashenka's personal pocket, there would be enough money. One could have not raised the age, and the pensions could have been decent. The cops and military don't pay into the SSF. Then why do they get more from the fund than those who contribute to it?"

"Civil servants have a different formula for calculating pensions than workers. This formula is unfair towards workers, engineers, agricultural workers, service workers, etc. This is a kind of bribe to civil servants for the support of the boss. The money for this bribe is taken from the pockets of workers. We should just raise the retirement age for cops and other military personnel who do nothing, and retire at 48 years old and then take money from the people's budget".

"They only take money from this budget. The majority of those listed take a "well-deserved" retirement at 45. They continue to receive a financial security three times higher than in the country. The driver of a UAZ police car gets paid like a professor. But that's not all. On this "well-deserved vacation", the majority get positions in the so-called commercial companies that sell arms, carry contraband, or are involved in other fraudulent activities of the "mustached" family. That is, they continue to steal from the budget. Until the whole gang is not punished, nothing will change in the country".

"Should we do the right thing: to make the retirement age and pension equal both for workers and the military? It hurts to see the directorate and the bureaucratic fraternity. In addition to their 3000-5000 rubles, they receive a pension. And military retired men in their 50's is a strange thing. While old men of 70-80 years old are counting pennies. Shame on such a system!"

"How can a pensioner at age 45 have a pension many times higher than a pensioner at age 65 given a funded pension? How will one manage to save so much at the age of 45? The salaries there should be several times higher than the average for the economy. Given the current system, the average life expectancy of men is below the retirement age, the savings do not disappear after death. They are paid to 45-year-old retirees. So, there is always no money."

"Lukashist punishers retire at 37...45. Their pensions are really high. They have real estate, cars on soft loans, which are paid from the state budget (by Belarusians). If we do not eliminate these blood-sucking parasites, there will be no use".

"To put pensions in order, we first need to reduce the number of young police pensioners".

"Such an early retirement age for the security forces has to do with preserving the loyalty of the bayonets this power rests on."

"The smartest ones have long realized that one should save for pension on your own. Not participating in the government's looting named the SSF. The usurper is busy with only one thing - retaining power in the country by criminal means and at any cost. Not only pensioners but all the population have paid this price. This power sovereignty trades in the country's sovereignty and the incitement of war in order to write off all its crimes."

"It's not the government but looters. They steal from the weak. I'd rather pack my things and leave to help the Kalinouski battalion than starve to death here. Then I'll come with them to overthrow Lukashenka," the Charter97.org website readers write.