14 August 2022, Sunday, 18:34
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Gordon: Belarusian Special Forces Servicemen Demand From Lukashenka Not To Enter War In Ukraine

Gordon: Belarusian Special Forces Servicemen Demand From Lukashenka Not To Enter War In Ukraine

The letter was signed by officers of the 5th Special Brigade, including majors, lieutenant colonels, and a colonel.

Servicemen of the 5th special brigade of the special forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus wrote an appeal to Lukashenka, who is in power in Belarus. The Ukrainian Gordon publication received the photo of the letter from its own sources.

In the letter, the Belarusian military men emphasize that the entire personnel of the brigade is ready to defend the borders of their country “to the last drop of blood, regardless of the hardships of military service”.

However, now, according to the officers of the brigade, they are observing a “gross violation” by the Russian authorities of the Belarusian Constitution, according to which “the Republic of Belarus has the supremacy and full power on its territory, independently carries out domestic and foreign policy”.

The authors of the letter emphasize that the Russian occupation of the territories of Belarus-friendly Ukraine and the attempt of Russian President Vladimir Putin to drag Belarus into the war “are nothing more than the destruction of the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus.” The officers draw attention to the fact that supporting Putin in the aggression against Ukraine “will entail huge human losses among the military and civilian population,” and entry into the war against Ukraine “and the countries of Europe and America that support its sovereignty” will make Belarus a rogue state for a long time.

“Entering the war on the side of Russia will be a real suicide for the Republic of Belarus. Political isolation and international economic sanctions, which will inevitably entail aggression against Ukraine, will be disastrous for our country, which, unlike the Russian Federation, does not have a margin of safety in the form of a reserve of natural resources,” the letter says.

The military men twice emphasize that they are ready to give their lives defending their homeland from aggression, but entering into a war of conquest against a friendly state, they will lose the right to be called officers, and “turn into occupiers and war criminals.”

“Based on the foregoing, the personnel of the 5th special brigade of special forces of the Armed Forces appeals to you not to sacrifice the people of Belarus, the future of our children, the sovereignty of the state you head in order to please the imperial ambitions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, alien to all citizens of Belarus without exception,” the military wrote.

The letter was signed by officers of the brigade, including majors, lieutenant colonels and a colonel. The brigade commander is not among the signatories.