14 August 2022, Sunday, 12:21
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Boryslav Bereza: Lukashenka Should Immediately Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation

Boryslav Bereza: Lukashenka Should Immediately Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation

The fall of the Belarusian regime is vital for Ukraine.

Only a free Belarus will not create a danger for the civilized world and for Ukraine.

Boryslav Bereza, co-founder and former head of the information department of the Right Sector party, ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE, political activist and fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told Charter97.org about this.

— Ukrainian soldiers have been holding back the offensive of the Russian occupiers for 134 days. The whole world is talking about the heroism of the Ukrainian people. With what historical event could you compare the feat of the Ukrainian people?

— The feat of the Ukrainian people is unique in itself. We are well aware that if they take over Ukraine, they will take over Europe as well. Then the world will see the Third World War in a new version, only not Nazism, but ruscism. Therefore, the feat is unique in its own way. This is a feat not only for each person but for the whole nation together. Today, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteers, patriots from other countries and all the Ukrainian stop the ruscists.

— Lukashenka strengthened the Anti-Ukrainian hysteria recently. He recently announced the 'interception of Ukrainian missiles over military facilities in Belarus'. Is the dictator looking for a cause to go to war?

— Lukashenka should immediately undergo a psychiatric evaluation and start taking the prescribed pills. Then he can get rid of the voices in his head, the missiles he sees, and his deliriousness. No one else sees or hears it except him. To be honest, he doesn't need a cause. At a certain point, if Lukashenka breaks down, and will not withstand pressure from Putin, he will simply follow all orders just to remain in power. That's the most important thing for him today. Lukashenka can stay in power only with the Russian army and his special service bayonets. These are the two components of his being in power.

Therefore, now he is holding back, realizing that by entering the war he will hasten his fall. It's not only because it will be a disaster for Belarus. I have said many times that the main paradigm of Belarusian life is 'everything but no war'. Lukashenka will violate this component and move to a component that is close to Russians – 'we can do it again'. As soon as the Belarusians receive the first hundreds and thousands of corpses of their sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands, this can lead to such unrest that will sweep away not only the Lukashenka regime but also radically change the situation in Belarus.

Lukashenka personally understands this, so he delays his participation in the war as much as possible. He's a coward, but he's a pragmatic coward. Lukashenka understands that the beginning of the war is the end of his career.

— What do you think will outweigh cowardice or fear of Putin?

— The threat of Belarus entering the war is more than real. However, those units that Belarus currently has, in fact, cannot fully enter the territory of Ukraine. They will create tension, they will conflict at certain points, certain places. The main task of the Belarusian troops is to tie up the reserve, which is located on the border with Belarus, to prevent it from being deployed in the Donbas and used for a counteroffensive against the Russians. This is the main task.

They will use Belorussians as cannon fodder. They will come closer and will be fired with guns and artillery. There are many weapons there. And then they will retreat, attack again and retreat again. Belarusians will be Putin's consumables, no more and no less. Is there such a possibility? Yes, there is, there is a threat. Is this a fifty-fifty chance?

— Should Ukraine completely break off diplomatic and economic relations with the Lukashenka regime?

— We should have already begun to act in the same way both in relation to Russia and in relation to Lukashenka's Belarus. We will be able to restore relations with a free and independent state. What is happening now is just some incomprehensible actions.

We also should introduce visas and a visa regime, because representatives of the Russian special services can also enter with Belarusian passports.

— If we completely break off relations with the Lukashenka regime, then what should be the new policy of Kyiv towards Belarus?

— This is not a relationship with Belarus, it is an attitude towards the regime, just like the attitude towards the regime of Putin and the Kremlin. Belarus is not a fraternal state, not a friend, not a partner and not an ally. Is it a neighbour? Yes, but at the moment it is an enemy neighbour. Thus, it must be assessed from the state's interests point of view. We clearly understand that the actual regime that controls the neighbouring state is absolutely hostile to Ukraine, and therefore it must be treated as a hostile regime. Helping to bring down this regime is vital for Ukraine, as vital for Belarus itself. Only a free Belarus can easily develop and will not create a danger for the civilised world and for Ukraine.

— Is the scenario of creating an army of free Belarus on the territory of Ukraine considerably realistic?

— Belarusians should do it by themselves, they can do it. No one will do anything without the desire of the Belarusians themselves. Belarusians can independently rise, organise and achieve results. Only the desire of the Belarusian people plays a role. Specifically, it is basic in all actions.

If the Belarusian people want to, they will succeed. If the Belarusian people remain passive and are ready to endure the slavish reality that Lukashenka and Putin are actually proposing for Belarusians, then this is their choice.

— Many mutual reproaches and misunderstandings appeared between Belarusians and Ukrainians recently. Will our people be able to overcome everything and move towards Europe together?

— I do not generalise all Belarusians, I remember those Belarusians who derailed trains, Belarusians who publicly opposed the war, Belarusians who are fighting on the side of Ukraine, I remember all Belarusians who helped in the information space or on the battlefield, those who did not stay indifferent to the war and Russian invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, there is no need to generalise.

However, quite a large number of Belarusians tacitly support Lukashenka's regime, some out of weakness, some out of cowardice, and some out of indifference. Each has a personal reason. They must realise that they are accomplices in this crime. Unfortunately, it is true. Yes, we know that the people of Belarus are intimidated, and tortured, everything is under the control of the special services. In fact, there is a dictatorship, but the desire to be free should win among Belarusians. This will be the first step towards cleansing, the first step towards establishing relations with Ukraine.