5 October 2022, Wednesday, 15:01
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AFU Fighters Eliminate ‘DPR’ Leader In Horlivka

AFU Fighters Eliminate ‘DPR’ Leader In Horlivka

A high-precision strike was carried out at the gathering place of militants.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated Yuri Krikulenko, the leader of the “DPR”, who was the founder of the “Russian Spring-2014”, in Horlivka, Donetsk region.

This is reported by the publication gorlovka.ua.

According to the publication, Ukrainian artillery hit the militants' gathering place with a precise strike. Among them was a criminal authority and adherent of the “Russian world” Yuri Krikulenko.

The local publication noted that the media controlled by the militants disseminated information that Krikulenko allegedly had had a heart attack, but this is not true.

“He was eliminated with a precise strike by the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the publication said.

The publication also noted that in addition to Krikulenko, several other key figures of the local criminal world were eliminated.