26 September 2022, Monday, 19:15
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'Kalinouski Regiment Is Way To Freedom, Only Fool Doesn't Realise It'

'Kalinouski Regiment Is Way To Freedom, Only Fool Doesn't Realise It'

A Belarusian has paid $650 for a T-shirt to support the Belarusian volunteers.

At a concert in support of the Kalinouski Regiment in Warsaw, presenter Dzmitry Tankovich auctioned off a T-shirt with the logo of the Belarusian volunteer corps at the starting price of 50 zlotys (about $10). In a few minutes the price of the lot was PLN 3,000. After the concert, the winner of the auction, at the request of Belsat, told about himself:

- My name is Dzianis Pichuhin, I am the head of the Red Street telegram channel. I participated in all the protests, was repressed, and my property was confiscated. I was forced to flee Belarus. I was resisting till the last moment, but when I realized that everything was too hard, I left. I've been living in Poland for a year and two months now.

I worked as a hairdresser in Belarus and ran my own salons. I have been working with L'Oréal for 12 years, now I am a stylist at their academy in Warsaw, which creates hairstyles, images and trains hairdressers.

When the war started, I thought at the time: "Shit. And I said it would probably be like this."

Dzianis Pichuhin had supported the Belarusian volunteers before:

- I've donated to the Kalinouski Polk before - via the Internet. The amounts were different. Once I donated 5000 zlotys. Taking part in the auction is a symbolic gesture, but I will wear their T-shirt.

How is it - "why is it important to support the Kalinouski Regiment"? It's the way and the key to freedom - only a fool doesn't see it and realize it.