30 September 2022, Friday, 12:19
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Belarusian Hackers Broke Into Russian Nazis' Webpage

Belarusian Hackers Broke Into Russian Nazis' Webpage

This was a response to the provocation carried out in Minsk.

The message appeared on the website of the Russian National Liberation Movement (NOD) that the resource had been hacked. Hackers from Belarus did it.

“The Minsk resistance do not like it. Yes, the site has been hacked. All your information is in this link. We are tired of your s*** in Belarus,” reads the message with images of Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin on the main page of the site.

According to the Alisa Tells Telegram channel, the hacking of the NOD website was a response to the action “Minsk for Russia” held on August 6 in Minsk. About a dozen people took part in this action.

Because of the hacking, information about the NOD participants registered on the website (about 200,000 people) was published. The information contains a table with information about users of the NOD website, their phone numbers, names, logins, email addresses and passwords.

The National Liberation Movement (NOD) is a Russian far-right political association that advocates a "national course" and "territorial integrity of the state" within 1945. The NOD official website spreads a conspiracy theory about the “colonial dependence of the Russian Federation on the United States”, “the control of the Russian authorities by the United States” and the “protection” of corruption by the West.