7 December 2022, Wednesday, 23:02
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Regime Updates 'Parasite' Base Again

Regime Updates 'Parasite' Base Again

The increased sums will be paid by those who have gone abroad.

In September, Belarus has updated the database of the unemployed in the economy. It includes those who could not confirm their employment for the second quarter. "Parasites" with owned housing will be charged with full payments for gas, heating and hot water, reports zerkalo.io.

"The "parasite" base is updated once a quarter. In order not to be included in the updated database from September, one had to provide the commission for coordination of work to promote employment with documents, which confirm the employment, until July 21.

Since September, those who have not been able to confirm their employment for the second quarter (April-June) have been included as freeloaders. Next time the database will be updated by December 1, it will include those who will not be able to confirm their employment for the third quarter (July-September). Documents must be submitted by October 21.

Those who have found themselves in the database and who own housing will be charged for gas, heating and hot water at economically justified rates. The charges for the latter two services will be particularly sensitive, as they will be increased approximately fivefold for freeloaders.

If a family of several people lives in a flat and one of them is recognised as a 'parasite', the consumed housing and utility services will be divided by the number of people registered in the dwelling: a person recognised as a dependent will pay their part at full tariffs (provided that they are home owners), while others who are not listed in the database will pay at reduced rates.

The regime introduced significant changes to the "parasite" decree in March this year. One of the major innovations is that those who work or study abroad can no longer provide proof of this and thus be exempt from paying for gas, heating and hot water at economically justified rates. Since March, working or studying abroad are no longer considered grounds for not paying the "parasite" fee.