4 October 2022, Tuesday, 2:45
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

'Putin, Lead Us By Example, Anyone Can Talk Bollocks From Shelter'

'Putin, Lead Us By Example, Anyone Can Talk Bollocks From Shelter'

Russians commented on the address of the head of the Kremlin.

Putin signed a decree on partial mobilization in the Russian Federation. Mobilization activities began on September 21.

The Charter97.org website looked at comments that Russians leave on YouTube under the Russian dictator's address.

“Children of officials and deputies should be sent to the front in the first place because they were raised by true patriots of our country!”

“There are more than 3.2 million officials in Russia. They are the greatest patriots and lovers of the fatherland among us. Their feelings are very easily insulted, so close to their hearts they take the love for their country. Let them lead by example for the people. If someone has a governorship and this official cannot go to the front, as in Khabarovsk, then let their children go. Their children are certainly great patriots, and, like the country's elite, they sleep and see how they will go to the front and lead by example for unreasonable fellow citizens."

“Everything is as it should be. While there was no mobilization, many agreed to this "operation", and as soon as mobilization was announced, everyone lost the desire to fight and remembered that there are parasites among officials and deputies. Why didn't you notice them before?"

“The entire government and deputies are to be resigned! The country is ruled not by patriots, but by people who are destroying our country and our people, and now dividing territories and killing young people. So much grief, tears and insults because of your rule! They draw the people into their intrigues.”

“The lords and counts were the first to enter the war against Napoleon, for them it was an honour. That was the elite! Let today's golden youth prove that they are elite."

“Criminals seized power in the state and made the state itself an instrument of their crimes. I hope people will understand this just by analyzing the rhetoric of our authorities.”


losses of the Ukrainian army are about 100,000 people,

losses of the Russian army are 5,937 people.

That is why Russia needs to mobilize 300,000 people.

According to Goebbels, "If you tell a lie big enough, people will eventually come to believe it." And after all, they believe, not only individuals but a nation of many millions. It is surrealism beyond understanding.”

“We need to take to the streets as long as it's still possible. The rebels will not receive weapons and they will not be mobilized. But it should not be hundreds, but thousands of people.”

“The people of Russia are forced to fight, not for their homeland, since no one threatens it, but for the ass of the officials who started the war!”

“The mobilization was called partial, because only people from simple families will be taken to the war, and those in power and their sons will not be sent to fight. That's why it was partial."

“Let Mr President, as commander in chief, lead us into battle, but not from the bunker. Lead by example, Mr President! Anyone can talk bollocks from a shelter.

“I don't believe him! He has already deceived pensioners throughout Russia. Also once beautifully I told that an increase in the age of pensioners won't touch that it won't allow it. And in other directions, there was a lot of deception.”

“All for the defenсe of the Motherland! Excuse me, but from whom to defend? Who attacks or threatens Russia? If you really need to strengthen the army, why not involve the Russian National Guard? Instead of defending the government, let them defend the Motherland! Maybe the government is being threatened too?”

“Only we ourselves can rid our country of our bunker king. No one can help us with that. We need to unite and remove the old man who has lost his mind from power.”

“If the people had come out against the special operation in February, there would have been no mobilization in September. If the people come out to oppose the mobilization in September, there will be no son without a father in February.”

“What are we, the people of Russia, more afraid of: losing our sons, husbands and fathers, or are we more afraid of angering the King-father?”

“In the beginning, they stole our right to choose, then they stole salaries and pensions, and now they have come for the lives of our loved ones. They were introducing serfdom gradually too.”

“When it all started, they said that we have a military force. How could one get involved in a war without having the strength to do it? How? Maybe it's worth declaring a truce so that there is no war? What for? Why put your people in such danger? Do you think that the Russian army failed, but ordinary people will cope? You send them to certain death. It looks like they're doing everything according to some scenarios. Our men should protect their loved ones, their families, and not die for someone else.”

“Do I understand correctly that a fully equipped regular army having war machinery, reinforced with the LDPR corps, the Kadyrovites and Wagnerites, was unable to capture Ukraine, but will it be able to with mobilized civilians?”

“A hard time has now come for a true Russian patriot! For example, Peskov: his wife is a US citizen, his daughter is a French citizen, and his son is a British citizen. What about Putin's daughters? One is married to a Dutchman, respectively - a citizen of the Netherlands. The second is constantly hanging around in Munich. Tell us, how to fight against such a collective West?"

“I didn’t understand, where is the army, the Russian National Guard? And again bla-bla. I want to remind everyone that this man has deprived pensioners and combat veterans of almost all benefits. So do not rely on his words. I am such a veteran (Chechnya)."

“The Minister of Defense has never served in the army! She pastured the deer, and now, he was instructing people instead of deer! Didn’t he mess up anything there, megastrategist of all times and peoples?"

“I remember Pushkin wrote that Tsar Saltan was the first to go to war while the queen was sitting at home. It's a pity that it happens only in fairy tales. Please start with the residents of the city of Moscow, not visitors, but indigenous people. We'll see in the regions what will happen to you."

“The call of the heart should be with us, but why is there no call from our high-ranking people when the poor people cry for help? No, they don’t see or hear, the consumer basket is also compiled only for us, the poor. Let it be all the bosses and their children go to war, they were fed at the expense of us, so let them fight for us. Nobody asked us if we needed this war.”

“The biggest threat to our Motherland is the corrupt government! They went mad with their wisdom."

“What idea, what motivation, what should we fight for? Announce deprivatization! What will change in our country after the "victory", what will the survivors change? Taxes, mortgage, fuel, credit rate…”

“My uncle fought in Afghanistan. Who needs it now?" the Russians comment on Putin's address.