4 October 2022, Tuesday, 3:33
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‘Shut Up, Playtime’s Over’: Russian Military Commissars Treat Mobilized Like Cattle

‘Shut Up, Playtime’s Over’: Russian Military Commissars Treat Mobilized Like Cattle

The videos from the Russian military registration and enlistment offices have surfaced.

The Kremlin regime not only turns Russians into cannon fodder to send to the war against Ukraine, but also treats them like cattle.

Among other things, this is expressed in a demonstratively boorish attitude towards the mobilized by the military commissars, as evidenced by the videos published on social media, writes nv.ua.

One of them shows an employee of the military commissariat, feeling his dominance over the reservists, immediately threatens them with criminal punishment for refusing to participate in the war, frankly ignoring any arguments of the dissatisfied.

“Quiet! I will be a colonel in no time. By the way, I was at the second Chechen one — I didn’t wet my pants, everything was fine. Understood? Quiet! No panic. Is it clear?”, he was indignant at the murmur of the Russians, after which everyone obediently went to take their summons.

In another video, the mobilized were gathered in the assembly hall to get instructions, and when they began to complain about their problems, which turned out to be more urgent for them than the bloody adventures of the Kremlin, the military commissar immediately laid siege to them.

“You are like pussies, f *! Shut up! ... The playtime is over. You are all military. Three days here, board, two weeks of additional training, ”he said, pointing the rebels to their place.

Important to note, on September 21, after the appeal to the citizens of the Russian Federation, canceled the day before, the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin announced “partial mobilization” in Russia.