4 October 2022, Tuesday, 3:47
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Valfovich Trolls, Lukashenka Is Powerless

Valfovich Trolls, Lukashenka Is Powerless

Sanctions against the regime in Belarus will increase.

The other day in Russia they announced the holding of “referendums” on September 23 in the occupied territories in Ukraine: they want to join them to the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin also signed a decree on “partial” mobilization. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claims that it is planned to send 300,000 reservists to the combat zone.

Secretary General of the Security Council of Belarus Aliaksandr Valfovich, being in Moscow, denied rumors about the mobilization of Belarusians.

“Mobilization is not about us, the people of Belarus and the country are mobilized anyway. And, of course, God forbid, we are ready to fight back with the forces and means that are intended for this,” said Valfovich.

What does the statement of the Secretary General of the Security Council of Belarus point at?

Analyst of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS) Vadzim Mazheika answered the question of the udf website.

“Valfovich’s words look like trolling of an ally. It turns out that Russia needs to declare mobilization, because they are not sufficiently mobilized, and Belarus does not need it, because we've got it all. But seriously, these words indicate that the Belarusian authorities are not interested in participating in the war. Lukashenka does not want this, but more importantly, the Belarusian society does not want this. In addition, it is doubtful whether the participation of the Belarusian army in the hostilities will bring any military benefit to Russia. That is, I don’t think that after the announcement of mobilization in Russia, the situation for the Belarusian authorities has changed a lot,” Mazheika believes.

Everything points that the war will drag on. How can this affect the situation inside Belarus?

“The prolongation of the war will lead to further perception of Belarus as a co-aggressor. It is obvious that Lukashenka will not change his position, for example, he will not publicly condemn Russia. Therefore, serious economic sanctions against Belarus will continue. In the economic sense, the prolongation of the war will lead to sad consequences for Belarus,” Mazheika believes.