2 December 2023, Saturday, 17:25
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Whose Side Are Belarusian Military On?

Whose Side Are Belarusian Military On?

Soon there will be the time to choose.

Vadzim Kabanchuk, deputy commander of the Belarusian regiment named after Kastus Kalinouski fighting in Ukraine, gave a long interview to the Studio X97 show of the website Charter97.org.

The Belarusian volunteer told what adequate people among the Belarusian military should do:

“First of all, do not follow criminal orders. If, nevertheless, an order is received to enter Ukraine, do not comply with it. In the event that it has already happened and for some reason you cannot sabotage it and cross the cordon, there are many ways to go over to the side of the Ukrainians (they have already been voiced), or disable military equipment.

And you need to mentally prepare for the events that will take place in Belarus, I think their time is not far off. When each serviceman will have a choice: whose side to take? The side of the dictator and a bunch of his bootlickers, or the side of the Belarusian people. Whom did he swear an oath to?”

“When will this happen? You said not far off. What are your prognoses?”

“I believe it’s next year.”

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