11 December 2023, Monday, 19:39
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Billionaire Pugachev: Patrushev Reckons Putin As Complete Zero, Not President

Billionaire Pugachev: Patrushev Reckons  Putin As Complete Zero, Not President

The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation is playing his own game.

Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev does not consider Vladimir Putin the president of Russia. Russian businessman, former member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, former friend of Putin, billionaire Sergey Pugachev stated this in an interview with Dmitry Gordon, founder of the gordonua.com publication.

The journalist asked the businessman if the rumors that Patrushev "is in touch with the Americans" and that he is "handing over various information to the United States" might be grounded.

"Patrushev has been to America many times. He always had a contact through the special services. Naturally, Patrushev reckons Putin as a complete zero, not a president at all. I would say this: Patrushev can have his own game. It's not like he's handing over some information from under Putin's desk or copying secret documents and giving them to the CIA. Of course not. He is playing his game," Pugachev said.

He connected what is happening with the fact that "there has always been competition."

"He tried to get as much influence as possible in the power bloc. And today, I think, Patrushev, given that for the past three years Putin has been in the bunker, periodically clicking on the computer keyboard, differs positionally. He just lives with people all the time. And he can communicate, he can put together some coalitions. In this sense, yes. As for "handing over" — I don't think so. Because, after all, Patrushev is a Soviet KGB officer. And the man is in his seventies, it’s too late for him to hand something over," Pugachev explained.

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