4 December 2022, Sunday, 22:11
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Siarhei Dyleuski: Effective Method To Fight Occupants Exist

Siarhei Dyleuski: Effective Method To Fight Occupants Exist
Siarhei Dyleuski
Photo: Charter97.org

Putin's troops are planning to attack Ukraine from the territory of our country.

Charter97.org talked to the leader of the Belarusian Association of Workers Siarhei Dyleuski about the reaction of Belarusian workers to the mobilization in Russia, the situation at the enterprises, the liberation of Belarus and the victory of Ukraine.

- I can say from the interesting, but sad news that another hunt started. They have started to detain and arrest people who showed at least some small activity back in 2020. Dozens of workers have been detained at the tractor plant, Belaruskali, Grodno Azot and so on. People are still detained, some under administrative articles, others under criminal ones. We talked with activists recently; people associate it with the fact that there will probably be either secret or open mobilization following Russia. One tries to destroy and eradicate the remaining activists, people who are able to express their position and project it on those around them.

In economic terms, everything is bad for the regime, the sanctions are working; the sanctions are doing their job. Factories are on their knees. So far, the state budget is covering the debts, or rather trying to cover them, but it is getting worse with each passing month.

- What can you say about the workers' attitude towards the war in Ukraine? How has it changed over the past seven months?

- It has remained negative. There is a real fear that the workers and their relatives can be mobilized, as they do in Russia. Because Lukashenka will not be able to play the political prostitute for a long time; the debts must be paid. Soon, the Kremlin will tell the dictator to call the Belarusians to war, because they are already short of cannon fodder.

People are aware of this and understand it. In addition to the negative attitude towards the war, there is a strong fear that these workers and their families may be sent to the front to die for nothing. So now the attitude to war is extremely negative.

- What will the Belarusians do if they receive draft notices?

- I will tell how would I act. If I received it, I would agree. This is a direct access to the weapon, which can be used to stop all this outrage.

- Belarusian railway is preparing to receive military convoys from Russia. According to different information, several hundreds of thousands of mobilized Russians may come to Belarus. What kind of danger does it pose to the citizens of our country?

- Exactly the same danger as the so-called joint military exercises that started the war between Russia and Ukraine. When Russian troops came to Belarus for these exercises, there were cases of rape, robbery, disorder in the country. The same thing could happen to a bunch of these mobilized people.

The news and videos on the Internet show us the state of these mobilized people and what kind of people they are. That is, we see some half-decayed rabble, drunken ones, who walk around. And just imagine if all these people come to Belarus, what will happen on the streets of our cities.

I understand that Putin's troops are planning to attack Ukraine from the territory of our country, so now they are trying to hide it all.

- What options for the Belarusians have today?

- In addition to the strike, a guerrilla movement has always worked. It is necessary to organize sabotage, to cut off some infrastructure to make life and logistics of both Putin and Lukashenka structures as difficult as possible. To do everything that each person can do. We observe the reaction to the mobilization in Russia as a living example, how many military registration and enlistment offices have been burned down there in the last week; we remember rail wars. And this is quite an effective method of struggle.