2 December 2023, Saturday, 18:00
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Star Of ‘Gardes-Marines’ Movie Goes To War With Ukraine

Star Of ‘Gardes-Marines’ Movie Goes To War With Ukraine

The actor published his photos in a cap with the letter “z” against the backdrop of military equipment of the Russian Federation.

56-year-old Russian actor Mikhail Mamaev shared footage with weapons against the background of military equipment on his blog. Russian media report that he went to the front. Details of his stay in the war zone are not reported.

In the photo, the actor poses in a cap with the letter “z”, which the occupiers use as a symbol of their “special operation” — this is how their propagandists call the bloodthirsty war and the killing of Ukrainian civilians.

In the photo you can also see the military equipment of the Russian Federation with the same symbols, and the servicemen of the Russian Federation. Mamaev covered their faces with stickers depicting a dog.

Who is Mikhail Mamaev?

The Soviet and Russian actor comes from Moscow. There are many roles he starred in, but one of them is significant — this is the film ‘Gardes-Marines’ , where Mamaev played Nikita Olenev.

There is information in open sources that Mamaev has dreamed of being a military man since his school years — he sees his future as an intelligence officer. To do this, he was engaged in physical training, but in high school the priorities changed, and he decided to connect his life with acting.

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