4 February 2023, Saturday, 19:31
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AFU Artillery Strike Concentration Of Russian Mobilized Soldiers

AFU Artillery Strike Concentration Of Russian Mobilized Soldiers

The occupants tried unsuccessfully to hide in basements.

Defenders of Ukraine daily demonstrate their skill, successfully destroying the Russian occupants in a full-scale war. One of the moments of liquidation of the enemy Ukrainian military recorded in the video, which was published by the press service of the 40th Separate Artillery Brigade of the Grand Duke Vitovt.

The artillerymen received intelligence from aerial reconnaissance units and detected the movement of enemy personnel. After that, they aimed fire at Russian occupants.

The invaders rushed afresh: some ran across the field, others decided to flee into the civilian buildings to hide in basements, but all this did not help the enemy to survive the AFU strikes.

"Not all mobilized soldiers came out of the basements... They were so eager to get into Ukraine... But this is our land! And it will burn under their feet! Do you need any bags? We'll chip in...", the press service wrote.

The effective teamwork of aerial reconnaissance with artillery brings excellent results. Enemy losses are increasing daily.