5 February 2023, Sunday, 20:15
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‘Panic In Moscow: God Forbid, Ukrainian Plane Will Break Through’

‘Panic In Moscow: God Forbid, Ukrainian Plane Will Break Through’

The Russian military have developed an inferiority complex.

In Moscow, a number of air defense systems were installed on the roofs of departmental buildings, in particular, on the premises of the Russian Ministry of Defense. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the Russian military leaders are trying to make sure they will not be held responsible in case anything happens.

If Ukraine manages to break through the defenses around Moscow, then the generals of the Russian army will simply shrug their shoulders, saying that they have done their job. This was told by a political scientist and sociologist, director of the Ukrainian Barometer sociological service Viktor Nebozhenko in an interview with Glavred.

“The same reason why they install the air defense systems in the Russian Federation does not allow them to defeat Ukraine. The consciousness of any Russian general, official, worker works in such a way as not to get scolded, not to go to jail and not be held responsible. Like, it's better to play it safe and do something. In this, first of all, one can feel a characteristic detail of both the Russian mass consciousness and the consciousness of the elites,” the political scientist explains.

Therefore, if a Ukrainian drone falls on the outskirts of Moscow tomorrow, the Russian generals will have something to report, they would say they tried to prevent it.

Nebozhenko notes that Russian generals and the military of the aggressor country as a whole have developed an inferiority complex since 1987, when German amateur pilot Matthias Rust overcame the entire air defense of the Soviet Union and landed near Red Square.

“They (the Russian military — edit.) are even now saying things like, God forbid, some Ukrainian plane breaks through the way Rust did. Of course, nothing happened to Red Square then, but the generals suffered greatly. Because then the heads of about 25 generals of the Soviet Union went rolling, along with the marshal’s. The current generals do not care what happens — in the Russian Federation they are only afraid of responsibility,” says the political scientist.

The second reason why air defense is being installed in Moscow is an attempt to militarize the Russian capital in anticipation of protests and uprisings. If a coup begins in the Russian Federation, it will take place in the capital. Putin is afraid of this, but he cannot openly start bringing tanks to Moscow — he needs to prepare the Russians and explain the reason for strengthening the defense of the city as the presence of the “danger from Ukraine,” the political scientist explains.

“Now the Russians cannot bring tanks to Moscow that would stand on Putin’s side, bring weapons, so this time they began to act differently: they say, there are Ukrainians around, so we need to strengthen our military presence in Moscow. After all, if such explanations are not given, panic will begin in the Russian capital, and Muscovites will start asking questions,” Nebozhenko notes.