5 February 2023, Sunday, 19:42
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Details About Car Accident In Which Three Belarusian Girls Burnt Alive Reported

Details About Car Accident In Which Three Belarusian Girls Burnt Alive Reported

The fourth girl was thrown out of the car during the accident.

Three girls were burnt alive in a car that overturned in a ditch in Mahiliou region. The tragedy happened in late November last year, but now the Investigative Committee has announced details and put the video of their final call online.

The four girls were driving an Audi along the Chausy bypass road. At an intersection, the driver lost control because of excessive speed. The car flew into a ditch, crashed into a tree and caught fire.

Unfortunately, the 25-year-old driver and the passengers, aged 19 and 24, died on the spot. The fourth girl, aged 22, who was sitting on the back seat, was thrown out of the car. She was taken to hospital with injuries.

The investigation revealed that the previous day the group had been drinking at the apartment of the 25-year-old Chausy resident. When they got bored at home, they decided to move to the car parked near the house. There the girls spent another hour and a half continuing to drink. When they ran out of alcohol, they decided to go to the petrol station to get more. They first found an acquaintance who promised to drive them there. However, after waiting only a couple of minutes, they left on their own.

The police were called to the scene by the girl who fell out of the car in the accident. She also told the police over the phone that the car doors were locked from the inside and no one could get out of the burning car.

When the emergency services arrived at the scene, the car was already burning.

The survivor of the terrible accident, the 22-year-old passenger, is still undergoing medical treatment.

The investigation found out that the 25-year-old driver had already been subjected to administrative liability for traffic offences. She had 2.5 ppm of alcohol in her blood. And an autotechnical investigation found that the car was travelling at a speed of almost 120 km/h.