25 March 2023, Saturday, 20:14
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How Kremlin Can Use Belarusian Army

How Kremlin Can Use Belarusian Army

Analysis by a Ukrainian military expert.

Some experts argue that Russia can use the Belarusian army to protect the seized railway lines and prevent the Ukrainian troops from breaking through. The website Charter97.org decided to ask the Ukrainian military-political observer Oleksandr Kovalenko how Putin can use the Belarusian army:

— If Putin needs the Belarusian army, then only its technical component. If Russia needs to keep some kind of transport hub, for example, Melitopol, it will need to drive there not only personnel, but also equipment. Russia will not be able to provide the Belarusian army with equipment. To date, the units of the Belarusian army have a standard set of equipment that practically meets the standards and requirements.

In the Russian army, not a single unit can boast of this. Again, it should be mentioned which part of the Belarusian army is combat-ready. In fact, we are talking about 14 thousand people. These are incomplete 20 battalion-tactical groups and tactical groups. This is not the amount that can somehow change the situation in the war zone.

They do not pose any large-scale threat, for example, in the Northern Bridgehead. As for using them to hold some objects, then for this you need to carry out a redeployment with a full complement.

Will Lukashenka agree to this? He perfectly understands that the Belarusian army is, firstly, something that can protect him from the hybrid impact of Russia, when everything goes completely down for it. Secondly, this is what can protect him from the people of Belarus in case of protest moods. I do not think that he will scatter this resource around.

Earlier, in an interview with Charter97.org, the commander of the Volat battalion of the Kastus Kalinouski regiment, Jan “Belarus” Melnikau said that the Kalinouski regiment was a nightmare for Lukashenka.