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Serfdom is back: It will be forbidden to quit  ? 807

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Serfdom is back: It will be forbidden to quit

The workers of the wood processing enterprises undergoing modernization will be forbideen to quit their jobs.

Prepare a decree: until the modernization and reconstructions or these enterprises is over dismissal of the workers is forbidden. A worker cannot quit an enterprise without a managers decision, - Aliaksandr Lukashenka said on Friday when visiting the public corporation Barysaudreu, Interfax reports.

If they let him go he can go, if not must stay and work. For violations they must send workers to compulsive works. If one quits he or she is sent to compulsive works back here. Or we risk getting into a situation when they will start walking around Barysau and Minsk with pitchforks and stab each other, - the president said. Instead of launching the manufacturing and receive a thousand dollars in 2015, - he added.

That is why we must forbid any resignations starting from tomorrow, 1 December, - Lukashenka demanded.

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