1 June 2016, Wednesday, 8:26

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  • Russian Liaisons with the Czech Republic
    15:37 Russian Liaisons with the Czech Republic

    The rise of nationalist far-right parties across Europe has opened up new avenues for Russia to attain influence through these parties within European countries, most notably within the former Soviet bloc. 

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26 April, Tuesday
  • Day Of Forgotten Heroes
    15:29 Day Of Forgotten Heroes

    April 26 is the day of heroic deed of thousands of troops, firefighters, Ministry of Emergency Situations officers, who were deployed to put out the reactor. 

25 April, Monday
  • Politics Of The Khaki Colour
    17:03 Politics Of The Khaki Colour

    Recently, Foreign Ministry’s activity is increasingly complemented by the expansion of international cooperation of the Belarusian Ministry of Defence. 

20 April, Wednesday
  • Belarus On The Black Sea
    15:19 Belarus On The Black Sea

    Lukashenka’s sudden appearance in Istanbul compels us again to turn to the so-called multi-vector foreign policy, advocated by the official Minsk. 

18 April, Monday
  • EAEU – Another False Start
    13:44 EAEU – Another False Start

    The Eurasian Economic Union could be compared to "The Andean Community", “The West African Economic and Monetary Union” or “The East African Community”. 

8 April, Friday
  • Faces
    14:33 Faces
    photo 120

    There’s no need in sociological surveys or deep analytics. All is written on the faces. 

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  • EU’s Moral Failure
    11:07 EU’s Moral Failure

    On Monday, February 15, the EU Council took a decision to lift sanctions on 170 people and 3 companies in Belarus. 

  • Warsaw Siren For Lukashenka
    10:58 Warsaw Siren For Lukashenka

    The recent information about the upcoming visit of the new ambassador from Warsaw and Polish Foreign Minister to Minsk promises revival in Polish-Belarusian relations. 

15 February, Monday
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10 January, Sunday
  • Belarus as smuggling hub
    17:16 Belarus as smuggling hub

    Intermediary activity of Minsk resembles more and more a hub into which the Belarusian authorities are trying to turn the country in coordination with Moscow. 

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  • Don’t Be Idiots
    14:10 Don’t Be Idiots

    If you were not at the square in 2010 – you have no heart. If you take part in the “elections” in 2015 – you have no brains. 

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