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  • Have A Heart!
    8:57 Have A Heart!

    The sudden news of writer and historian Leanid Mariakou’s critical condition was merely crushing. 

8 November, Tuesday
4 November, Friday
28 October, Friday
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21 October, Friday
  • The Yellow Patches Society
    10:43 The Yellow Patches Society

    There is something that the mothers of the convicts under Article 328 of the Criminal Code achieved – the yellow patches were replaced with the green ones. 

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  • Undesirable Hero
    14:20 Undesirable Hero

    My friend Guillermo Farinas (known among friends and supporters as "El Coco") is dying today in Cuba. 

26 August, Friday
12 August, Friday
  • Big Zero
    8:29 Big Zero

    All but intrigues of Lukashenka's servants is under his control in the country. 

9 August, Tuesday
11 July, Monday
  • Ignore
    17:38 Ignore

    I think both boycott and participation in the elections have pros and cons. 

7 July, Thursday
  • The 16 Years Of Eternity
    17:15 The 16 Years Of Eternity

    16 years have passed since ORT camera man Zmitser Zavadzki was kidnapped under unclear circumstances in Minsk, at the Minsk-2 airport. 

24 June, Friday
  • Together We Can
    8:16 Together We Can

    News feed has recently become funeral. I can't remind such number of early, terrific and tragic deaths. 

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  • Russian Liaisons with the Czech Republic
    15:37 Russian Liaisons with the Czech Republic

    The rise of nationalist far-right parties across Europe has opened up new avenues for Russia to attain influence through these parties within European countries, most notably within the former Soviet bloc. 

13 May, Friday
12 May, Thursday
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