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Lukasheka went for Maybach?  ? 220

12:09, — Politics

This car has been coursing around Minsk for several weeks already in the rulers procession.

Today it was spotted in the Nezaliezhnasci Avenue around 10 a.m., Euroradio reports.

The car was coming accompanied with several police cars. Apart from that the Maybach was escorted by big black SUVs with flashers. For the time of passing of the procession, which made a turn towards the presidential administrations building, the traffic was stopped in the avenue.

For the first time Aliaksandr Lukashenka mentioned the existence of a Maybach in the administrations garages during the press-conference for media from the regions of Russia on 16 October this year. According to the ruler, the car was a birthday present for him from some Russian, however Lukashenka did not use it in order not to stand out.

A Maybach 57/62 (the model from the pictures) costs from 367 to 432 thousand euros, depending on package. This is the most expensive mass produced car in the world.

That is how the cars cabin looks. The picture is taken from the manufacturers web-site.

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