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Frolicking junta (Photo) 57

11:40, — Politics

Frolicking junta (Photo)

Bloggers give a title to a photo depicting Lukashenka, his son Kolya and high-ranking officials.

Mikalai Khalezin, the Free Theatre director, announced a completion on his blog for the best name of the photo, which became very popular on the Internet. Here are some variants:


Arms are the best present for a child (c) Lukashenka.


My variant is Chief's years of youth. Another one is A boy with a golden gun. What else? Something like Back to the future or The future is backward. Lukashenka-style Zarnitsa [Zarnitsa is a Soviet war game); You've chosen the right path, comrades! (The road to nowhere); Let me rule forever, etc.




Frolicking junta.


Don't shoot! There are children among us!


Paraphrasing Tsoi's words Aluminum balls on the tarpaulin field


Two dumbheads are strong, but seven dubheads are stronger!

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