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News on 1.10.2007

  • 18:57 Small business activist confirms market vendors’ plans for October 2 strike

    The leader of a nascent small business association has confirmed that market vendors across the country will walk off the job in a one-day preemptive strike on October 2 to protest Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s restrictive edict. 

  • 18:56 Foreign Minister Martynaw attacks USA’s conduct in his speech at UN debate

    Foreign Minister Syarhey Martynaw lashed out at the United States over its conduct in the international arena while speaking at the September 28 afternoon session of the UN General Asembly’s annual high-level debate. 

  • 18:52 Praliaskouski recovered 25 mln rubles from «Narodnaya Volia» 5

    Aleh Praliaskouski, head of the Main Ideological Department of President’s Administration recovered from the oppositional news-paper “Narodnaya Volia” 25 mln rubles and from Maryna Koktysh, the journalist of the edition – 2 mln rubles. The trial took place in Leninski district Court of Minsk. Maryna Koktysh reported it to Charter’97 press center. 

  • 17:48 New arrests for the European March 3

    Zmiter Barodka, member of the European March organizing committee, Leanid Navitski, and human rights activist Sviatlana Harohavik were detained today at 5.30 p.m. by military forces staff. The oppositionists managed to inform on telephone the Charter’97 press center that they are being guarded to the Central District Internal Affairs Department of Minsk. Now there telephones are turned off. 

  • 16:54 Lukashenka going to fight with “destructive forces” 3

    The Committee of State Security must effectively oppose the foreign interference with internal affairs of Belarus. Aliaksandr Lukashenka drew special attention to this when working on the regular issues, BelTA was informed by Belarusian leader’s press service. 

  • 15:35 Ukrainians voted for European perspective 2

    According to the preliminary results, bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko is going to win the Parliamentary elections in Ukraine. “It’s good that Ukraine has the snap elections. Today the direction that Ukraine is choosing has become clear, - Vintsuk Viachorka, the BNF Party leader commented the preliminary results of the snap election in Ukraine. – It is clear that the majority of the Ukrainians voted for European perspective of their country. Yulia Tymoshenko’s bloc and the bloc Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defence will have all the possibilities for making European reforms in Ukraine. I wish them every success”. 

  • The European Movement – for Belarus
    14:38 The European Movement – for Belarus

    The European Movement welcomes the initiative of the Belarusian democratic forces of holding the European March on 14 October in Minsk. “The March should become the expression of the will of Citizens of Belarus to have closer relations between Belarus and the European Union. The European Movement will invite the members to come to Minsk on this day”, - said in the movement’s statement . 

  • Leanid Navitski: “You’d better support the European March”
    13:21 Leanid Navitski: “You’d better support the European March”

    Democratic activist Leanid Navitski was released today from the remand jail in Akrestin Street, where he spent 10 days. He was arrested by the KGB agents, who confiscated from his flat 100 EU flags and informational materials with the European symbols. “Somebody from the authorities tried to upset the preparation for the European March, but it is impossible today. Instead of senseless attempts to hinder us, I would advise the authorities to support the action and save in such a way both themselves and our country”, - Leanid Navitski declared to Charter’97 press center after his release from the remand jail. 

  • Aleksandr Kullinkovich: ”I’d like to play music in European Belarus”
    12:58 Aleksandr Kullinkovich: ”I’d like to play music in European Belarus”

    Aleksandr Kullinkovich, the group “Neuro Dubel” leader wishes he would play music in European Belarus. “I could say everything I want not bewaring of the punishment. The punishments like abolition of the concerts, absence of air, orders from the officials and telephone calls. I want to play music not violating the laws. I can’t live like that in today’s Belarus. Whatever I do today, I think: “They can punish me, I can be punished…” In my opinion, free art is impossible in today’s Belarus”, - the musician declared in the interview to Charter’97 press center. 

  • 10:33 OMON tried to enter Liabedzka’s flat

    Today morning the special troop’s staff (former OMON) tried to enter the flat of Anatol Liabedzka, United Civil Party leader. 

  • 9:49 Only one picket

    A series of socio-economic pickets were planned for 30 September. The activists asked permissions for 458 social pickets in 60 towns. The pickets were permitted only in Brest and Navahrudak. How were the permitted action held?