20 January 2018, Saturday, 22:04

Jewish cemetery violated in Babruisk

On the Jewish cemetery in Babruisk (Mahilou Area) an act of vandalism was committed – 15 graves were violated. As Leanid Rubinshtein, Babruisk Jewish community chairman said to BelaPAN, the villains not only turn down the monuments but broke some of the granitic slabs into three parts.

“I was terrified when I saw the committed, - L. Rubinshtein said, - Besides some monuments were torn out with the basement, there were human excrement on the chips”.

The existed since 1921 old Jewish cemetery hasn’t yet known such an unprecedented act of vandalism. “There were acts of vandalism before, of course, when 5-6 graves were damaged slightly. For example, in summer a man was caught, who was stealing stainless steel fences, - the local inhabitants told BelaPAN. – But such barbarity had never occurred. The cemetery keeper Marat Petlah was the first to see the committed. He informed the community chairman. The militiamen draw up a report, but the Jews have no hope the criminals will be found”.

“Even I can’t call it the demonstration of antisemitism, - L. Rubinshtein explained, - As some time ago approximately 30 graves on the local Belarusian cemetery were violated in a similar way. Though we face anti-Semitism demonstration, too. Some time ago, for example, on the cemetery gates and on the bus stop near it the swastika and words humiliating Jews were written”.

12 October the community chairman sent a letter to Babruisk mayor where he asked to help in guard of Jewish cemetery in Minskaya Street and other town cemeteries.

By estimate, the made by vandals damage amounted more than USD 12.000.