28 January 2020, Tuesday, 9:25
The Wait Is Nearly Over

“Interpol confirms authenticity of documents tying Venezuela and Belarus with FARC


Interpol confirms the authenticity of the documents proving financial ties of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and his government with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Reuters said on Thursday referring to Interpol officers.

The documents were found on FARC guerrillas’ computers, seized on 1 March by Colombian soldiers during the raid against rebels in Ecuador. Raul Reyes, one of FARC commanders, was killed during the operation.

“Interpol concludes there was no alteration (in the documents),” Reuters quotes Interpol.

These data contain, in particular, the information showing Venezuelan government gave 300 million dollars to FARC terrorists. Another document of 1992, found on Raul Reyes’s computer, proves financial relations between Hugo Chavez and FARC guerrillas. At those time the present Venezuelan leader was in prison for a coup attempt in the country.

Besides, the latest date contained 15 addresses of Venezuelan Interior Minister Ramon Rodriguez Chacin to an Ivan, asking to train military in guerrilla tactics and information on ties between rebels and Ecuadorian government.

The documents also mention a “Belarusian friend,” who was to send a delegation to Caracas for negotiations with rebels.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais, which was the first to publish the information, thinks the “friend” may be Viktar Sheiman, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, who visited Venezuela in February.

A file saying that Hugo Chavez and the Belarusian authorities “considered a possibility of arms supplies” was found on a computer of killed on 1 March Raul Reyes, one of the leaders of Colombian guerrillas.

FARC, established in 1964, now includes about 18 thousand people. The US and the European Union consider this grouping to be a terroristic organisation.