22 January 2020, Wednesday, 14:42
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Organizers of “Chernobyl Way” wrote to Minsk city executive committee


The leaders of the Belarusian Popular Front party Lyavon Barshcheuski, Vintsuk Vyachorka and Viktar Ivashkevich on behalf of the organizers of “Chernobyl Way” march have sent a letter to Minsk city executive committee, giving a negative evaluation of their actions in handling the request for holding the rally.

It was underlined in the letter that despite of the fact that Minsk city executive committee twice adopted a decision on this issue, none of these decisions is acceptable for organisers of the rally. The authors of the letter write: “Surhanau Street is absolutely unacceptable for holding mass demonstrations along almost the whole length, and not only on the part till Kujbyshau Street…

Under the circumstances, we cannot guarantee security of participants of the future demonstration in this section of the route, and we have to adopt a decision to shorten the march or change it in some other way”.

As we have informed, initiators of “Chernobyl Way-2009” were told by Minsk city executive committee that on April 26 a column of demonstrators could march from the building of the Academy of Sciences to the “October” cinema along Khmelnitski, Kujbyshau, Surhanau Streets to Bangalore square, towards the Chernobyl Chapel.

Initiators of the “Chernobyl Way” find the route of the march offered by the authorities inacceptable and are set to hold the demo from the building of the Academy of Sciences to the “October” cinema along Independence Avenue, Yakub Kolas square, Vera Kharuzhaya Street, Bahdanovich, Kulman, Karastayanava Streets Khmelnitski, Kujbyshau, Surhanau Streets and to the Chernobyl Chapel.

The participants of the protest are to gather on April 26 at the noon near the Academy of Sciences.