19 January 2020, Sunday, 19:59
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Andrei Sannikov: “Under Lukashenka Belarus’ joining regional and international processes impossible” (Photo)


A presidential aspirant in Belarus, Andrei Sannikov, has addressed the Minsk Forum.

The leader of “European Belarus” civil campaign delivered a speech at the session of the working group “Foreign Politics: regional partnership – current situation and prospects”.

“The question of choice between Europe and Russia is not as vital as the question of updating our own political system and modernization of the economy. Today our key partners, Russia and Ukraine, are directly speaking about strategic partnership or integration to Europe,” Andrei Sannikov said in his speech.

As said by the politician, “under Lukashenka Belarus’ joining the modern regional and international processes is impossible. Russia’s changed attitude to Lukashenka, who was previously considered the main ally in the post-Soviet space, seems to be related not only to the failure to fulfil his promises and obligations, but with absolute incompatibility of the system built in Belarus with international trends.”

“The 16-year dictatorship has put the clock back not only for our country, but has become a serious impediment for establishing strategic relations with Russia and the EU. Lukashenka’s model— economic modernization accompanied by political stagnation— was partially used by Russia, which is facing rising negative effects of such approaches now. A change of power in Belarus would mean renouncing dead-end roads of development in Eurasia,” Andrei Sannikov said.

After the speech the “European Belarus” leader answered questions of the audience.

Andrei Sannikov’s presentation at the Minsk Forum

Andrei Sannikov with Christof Weil, German Ambassador to Belarus, and Patricia Flor, Ambassador, a representative of the Federal Foreign Office

With Helmut Thienwiebel, Chairman of East-West Society (Esslingen, Germany)

With Marieluise Beck, A member of Bungestag, “the Greens” Faction