15 October 2021, Friday, 22:49
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Lukashenka at meeting with EU Commissioner: “We will not fall, we will not kneel…”


The Belarusian dictator has met with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy.

Belarus plans to build relations with partners, including the European Union, on a principle of adherence to independence, Alyaksandr Lukashenka told at a meeting with Stefan Fule, Interfax news agency reports.

“We will not fall, will not kneel before anybody, you (the EU – Interfax), Russia, or America,” Lukashenka said.

“Let’s arrange that the main thing is the sovereignty, security and independence of our country,” the ruler emphasized. “WE will do everything for independence. We won’t run around Europe, America, Russia asking for money,” Lukashenka noted.

He called on the European partners to stop practicing double standards and adhere to democratic values.

Lukashenka noted there were some problems in the relations between Belarus and the EU. He said: “I do not have hopes: you will wait and see the result of the presidential elections in Belarus.” He added that he tried to “understand the EU, America, and now Russia in this respect”.

“From one hand, that’s right and objective: you (the EU – Interfax) and others want to know who you will deal with, who will become president of Belarus. But I’d like to warn against vain hopes and expectations: Belarus has its own way,” Lukashenka concluded.