31 March 2023, Friday, 8:33
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Journalist of Polish “Gazeta Wyborcza” arrested for 15 days


The journalist is charged with participation in the rally on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19.

The journalist of the Polish newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” Andrzej Poczobut was detained on Independence Square on December 19 and spent a day in a paddy wagon. His case was considered in the court of Kastrychnitski district of Minsk. But at the last moment the journalist was released, and he was said his case was sent for additional examination.

However, later the court of Kastrychnitski district fined the journalist 1,750,000 Br for “participation in an unsanctioned meeting.” The Prosecutor’s office found this verdict was too mild. Minsk city court agreed to this claim, and the case was reviewed.